The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


5. Meeting serial killers

I don't even know her name.. I'll just call her psycho for now. She opened the front right door and got in. I opened the back door and got in as well.

"Who is this milady?" said this guy named James.

"My new toy."

"I see...well then let go off now." I felt unsafe around these people so I kept my guard up. I didn't even know where we were going at all. After a twenty minute drive, we were entering Black Woods Forest. This is a danger zone!! While we were driving I started to see a mansion from afar. It was white and gray colored. It was huge it looked like it had many rooms.

"Who are you?" said a stranger from the mic.

"James and milady."

"Very well then please enter." The silver gates started to open. When it did open we entered the gates. We followed the driving pathways. The surrounding was a huge garden. On the sides were cherry blossoms trees. Those are rare to see here in America!! I'm so lucky to see one....what the hell am I thinking! The car stopped I took a deep breath. I got out of the car so did James and psycho. They walked up to the front door while I followed them from behind.

"No need to be so defensive and stiff dear." She forenamed. As we entered I saw a huge portrait of someone. I didn't know who it was. It kind of looked like a psycho but it wasn't her. They started to walk off somewhere so I followed them. When we got there I noticed it was a living room. There were six people in here. James smirked and moved away from everyone. What? Why did he smirk? Suddenly everyone got up really fast and all of a sudden they attacked psycho. It was all happening so fast that it made me run towards where James was. When I turned back... psycho had stopped all six knives with all six of her daggers. She was holding the daggers between her fingers.

"Oh, my nice welcoming! Bravo! Nice try but you all fail once again."

"Oh really?" a guy with black hair and blue eyes said as he swooshed his knife behind psycho. He had a lip piercing. She moved her right arm real quick and grabbed the knife from behind making her hand bleed.

"Your pretty smart Dan..but you still failed," she smirked.

"Welcome home Kayla," said Dante. Oh so her name is Kayla...she sounds familiar...I don't know why.

"Who's that?" asked a guy with brown hair, blue eyes.

"Her toy," said James

"Oh you mean the new member named Nick Louis?" said another person but this time was a girl that had brown eyes, blonde hair.

"Yes," replied Kayla.

"Hi, my name is Cristina. If you make me mad I'll murder you kay?" She smiled a fake innocent smile.

"Sup my name is Nate." said the guy with brown hair, blue eyes.

"Hey, my name is Lucy." She said scimming her finger on her blade.

"What's up? My name is Drake."

"Hey, my name is Katherine."

"My name is Lily."

"I'm Dante," said Dante glaring at me.

"I'm Jason."

"As you know we have one more member he was the one that talked by the gate his name is Luther. My name is Kayla. Disobey me and your whole world is over. We all know your name Nick" she said shrugging.

"How?" My demon self is happy I can see.

"We were expecting you duh." laughed Cristina.

"Kayla knew you were a demon from the day at the party. She did some research on you and everything. She knows your whole past, present, life, your status, your age, your birthd-..."

"Everything about you he means," said Lucy cutting off Drake. That's creepy. Stalker much.

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