The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


6. Knowing more about her

"How did you all become a serial killer?" I asked. They all looked at me for a moment and smiled creepily.

"We were all found by Kayla," said Lucy.

"We've all killed someone on purpose or accident," said Nate.

"I killed my parents on purpose for sure. It felt nice because they were always beating the shit out of me. They were alcoholics and drug dealers." laughed Drake.

"I killed my older brother for mistreating me. He was the only one who took care of me. My parents died a long time ago." said Cristina

"I killed my dad for trying to rape me and sexually harassed me. All I felt was hatred," said Kathrine.

"I was being stalked by a pervert that my parents contracted to keep an eye on me.  I killed my parents and the pervert as well. That's what they deserved." said Lily. All of a sudden someone came in.

"Welcome back Luther," said Kayla.

"What you guys talking about?" He asked.

"How we became serial killers."

"I've killed many people for no reason they just disgusted me." said Luther with a disgusted face.

"I killed my father because he had killed my mother and little sister. After that I became homeless. Kayla had found me starving and in a bad status. I was wounded from people who had abused me." Dante said a bit grateful that she did find him.

"How did you know they all had killed someone Kayla?" I questioned.

"I have the ability to tell and seperate groups of human beings. As in who has murdered, who hasn't, who's good, who's bad."

"Your not human are you?"

"No she's totally a human with spiritual powers." said Luther. Kayla walked out of the room and so did Dante. Are they close?

"What's Kayla's background?"

"Oh ho! Your interested in her?" said Drake.

"Not really. Just want to know what kind of person I will be killing."  proclaimed.

"James is the one who's closer to her." replied Lucy.

"Milady used to be a kind, sweet, loveable person. She was the perfect girl anyone would like to have. Until one day her first and last boyfriend broke her heart and torn it to pieces right in front of her eyes. He did it on purpose. He grew bored of her personality and took advantage of her pure heart." replied James.

"Surprising how some like that can turn evil, bad, and become a psycho serial killer." said Nate.

"I agree. I think maybe that's the reason she spared my life."

"Oh she's still kind but only to certain people." said Katherine.

"So who was this guy who hurt her?"

"She refuses to tell anyone." said James sighing. So she used to be kind huh?.... It was already nine thirty. Everyone left the living room and went to their own room to go to sleep. I was shown to mine and as soon as I got by my bed I knocked out.

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