The Forbidden Had Awaken

"Son do you know what happened over at the pool party you were at?" asked the cop named Jack.
"N-no....I don't I was knocked out from drinking too much. All I remember was somebody telling me to go to sleep that's when I blacked out........"


7. Her fake facial disguises

On Monday I got up. As soon as I left the room it looked like everyone was still asleep. I walked over to the kitchen. Of course, they'd still be asleep it's five thirty. Oh shit, I got school! Thank god Black Woods Forest was close enough to Moonvalley Highschool.'s still early though. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from a room like if someone had a small cry out. Though you could barely hear it. I followed where the noise was coming from and it had lead to a room that was right next to mine. The door was open. I walked in and saw Kayla though her facial face wasn't the same as the one I saw yesterday. This time it looked manlier.

"Why does your face look like a man?" I said confused about what she was doing. Does she crossdress? She looked at me shock then her face turns into a face saying "Shit I'm screwed."

"When I kill I change my facial expression so the police don't find out who I am." She said in a serious tone.

"You know they can use your fingerprints as well to catch you."

"Oh no, they can't. My fingerprints and everyone who lives in this mansion don't have fingerprints." She smiled as she finished the final look. She put on a brown emo guy wig.

"How is that even possible?" I questioned.

"I make whoever joins burn their fingerprints. It's something I created with the intelligence of my father who I killed afterward." She suddenly paused what she was doing.

"I see.." She took out a knife that she had hidden and raised it up to my neck making me go against the wall behind me.

"Why are you in my room anyway?" I gulped for a moment.

"I heard noise coming from the area near my bedroom."

"You better not tell anyone of what you just saw about me being able to change my face."

"What are you and why are you so skilled?" I asked her.

"One...This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain and a hundred percent reason to remember the name of those who beg for mercy and forgiveness. Two yes indeed I am human but my father who was a great scientist took those powers of a demon, spirits and other species that no one knew existed. He took those powers and sealed them into my heart and soul through a machine he built no one thought it would be successful but it was successful. I was his genuine pig. I took those powers to kill him because he didn't see me as his daughter more like another test subject for everything. It was all painful, I hated him." She took the knife down. I grabbed my neck just rubbing it.

" know I got school, right?" She looked at me.โ€จ"Oh school, huh? Very well then let's see what time is it?" She looked at the time it was five thirty-five.

"Your school starts at seven so go get ready and I'll wake up James to make you a meal and we'll take you to Moonvalley."

"So you did know!" I exclaimed.

"Of course I did. I know everything remembers?" She laughed. that I'm listening to her voice...and her name I think I do know her... 

"Say what's your full name?"

"Kayla Espedes" She started to change her clothes.


"So what you're in my room to get out." I got out and went to my room. Woah some girl she is! She doesn't care. I got on the laptop that was on my desk of my room and searched on Jason's Facebook page looking friend's friend's list. As soon as I did I looked up "Kayla Espedes" Her name appeared and so did her picture. I went on her page and searched everything. I saw a post from February 13th, 2013 it had said..."I love my boyfriend so much. I can't wait until tomorrow he said he'd take me out to eat!" It had thirty likes. Wow she was popular... I scrolled back up and saw a post from February 14th, 2013 it was on Valentine's Day the day after the other post... it said "Worst day of my life. How did this happen?! He cheated on me. He told me that he never loved me that I was a bitch...Goodbye facebook." The comments said "Jason is an asshole." "Why the fuck would he hurt a perfect girl like you! That fucker." "Please don't leave us Kayla!" It had fifty likes and fifty comments all talking bad about Jason and trying to comfort Kayla. I felt sorry to the point that I didn't want to kill her. That was the last post on her page.

"You found out, huh?" I turned to look it was Kayla.

"Yea I did.."

"I knew this would happen sooner or later. I knew it was kind of a bad idea of a friend of Jason to join the group but since you were a demon killer I let you off the hook to join." She looked upset.

"It's six twenty..I need to get going."

"I'll get James." She left after she had said that.

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