Falling for ya


3. chapter3

Luke's P.O.V.

When Cecelia said hi to me I wanted to say hi back but I couldn't . I tried to say something but the way her blue eyes shined in the sun I basically stared at her for a long long time.! "LUKE" Ashton yelled right in my ear. "Snap out of it dude!"

Cecelia P.O.V.

"Luke" they all screamed I thought I list my hearing at one point. {skip to Michaels house it hang out}. We were all at michaels house all we basically did was play FIFA.

(Skip hangout)

Lilly's P.O.V.

Today was so fun wasn't it I asked Cecelia but he just zoned out I wondered if me and that Calum guy would go out sometime he seems really nice and sweet.

A/N so guys do you think that the lily and cal are going to work or not comment down below and also what do you think Cecelia was zoning out about.

An hey guys you were requesting for the update so here it is hope you enjoy

Cecelia's POV

Damn I zoned out again about Luke and his ocean blue eyes.

But that boy would never fall in love with a girl like me. I just hope he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Lilly's POV

I asked Cecelia what would it be like if I dated Calum I don't want to but I am just using Cecelia to get to Adam her so called boyfriend but tonight Adams going to break it off.

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