Arrow- a vad, half wolf half human. She was stolen from her home and sold to vampires when they came out of hiding. Stolen, sold, and re-named, will she survive her new life? Even after she is sold to the strongest, baddest, the king of the vampires?


1. 1.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. I groaned as the beeping sound continued. " Com'n, sleeping beauty. Wake up!" My brother James, came into the room and hit the alarm clock, making it stop. I groaned again and swished my tail in annoyance. " Noooooo! Leave me alone!" He laughed. " I can't. Dad said to wake you up." I stuck my tongue out at him and slipped out of bed. He started laughing again. " What?" I asked, confused. He pointed down. I looked down and gasped. I forgot I was only wear a t-shirt and underwear. I was so tired last night after the party, I hadn't bothered to change into pajamas." Get out of my room!" I turned James around and pushed him out, shutting the door behind him with a bang.


" Aria! Hurry up or you'll be late!" I heard my mom's voice from the kitchen. " Okay!" I shout back. I slip on some jeans, and a red t-shirt with some red sandals. Tying my hair up into a red hair tie with a metal red bow on it , I take the steps down the stairs two at a time and burst into the kitchen. " Hey! Watch it!" My dad shouts as I nearly knocked him over." Sorry!" I steal a strawberry from my brothers plate, pop it in my mouth, grab my backpack, and rush out the door.


My friend, Amy, had to run to catch up to me, I was walking so fast. I wagged my tail as she caught up. She bent over and placed her hands on her knees, panting. She held her hand up and signaled her pointer finger, telling me to wait. I stopped and waited. OK, I know what your thinking. Tail? What the heck are you talking about? Aren't you human? Yes, I am human, and yes, I have a tail. You see, I'm a Vad. Don't know what that is? Simple. It's a person mixed with the animal of their spirits. Vad means different and special. There aren't very many of us, we are actually very rare and have only recently showed our selves to . . . normal humans. Amy, and most of my other friends, are regular humans.


Not everyone in my family is a Vad, only my brother and me. I'm a wolf Vad, which means I have a wolf tail, sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight. Oh! And I also have cute little wolf ears at the top of my head. My ears and tail are fluffy and white in the winter, spring, and fall ( actually, their fluffy all the time) and silver with black tips in the summer. Don't ask me how they change color like that, because I seriously don't know. I hear someone clear there throat and snap out of my thoughts to see Amy, no longer bent over and catching her breath, standing next to another friend of hers. I think her name is Alicia. I notice she isn't a Vad. I smile and give a little wave.


" Hi!" I say, trying to be friendly. She just turns up her nose in disgust. As you can see, not everyone has come around to excepting us just yet. " Fine. Be that way." I turned on my heal and march toward the school. Seriously! Just because we're different, a lot of people treat us like dirt. It's not fair! I didn't ask to be a Vad- I was born as one. Amy catches up to me. " I'm so sorry! She said she thinks you guys are rude and disgusting. She just can't seem to get used to you guys." She says. I raise an eyebrow. " Well, then she obviously doesn't know that what she thinks of us is actually the definition of her." I say.


Amy starts to giggle, but stops as we reach the front door of the school. Her expression turns to worried. I feel the same way. Last year was a disaster. Here is how it went: Got detention on first day,  my and Amy's backpacks got thrown into the garbage as some practical joke from some jocks, dog ate my french homework (literally), Amy's boyfriend broke up with her, my friend Livi gets drunk and I have to drag her back home, dad loses his job and can't find another for four months, parents decide to move to a smaller home even though it's on the same street, Amy's boyfriend wants to get back together with her after breaking up with a cheerleader and, yea. . . You get the idea. And on top of that we had to get good grades and maintain a good record in school.


I drew in a long breath, gave Amy one last reassuring nod, and open the double doors. Inside, the place was a madhouse, just like last year. People running around, trying to find their classes, girls sharing schedules, boys knocking each other over and getting into fights, you know, the usual first-day scene that you get when you walk through the front doors. I drew in another long breath, letting it out in a huff, before marching down the hall with Amy trailing after me. Walking through the open door to the front office, I go up to the front desk.


The second the lady looks up, she scowls. I flatten my ears against my head. " Hi." I say flatly. " Names?" She asks. It's more directed towards Amy than me but I answer anyways. " Amy Havd and Aria Flame." She searches through some piles of paper before handing Amy her schedule and holding mine out to me. When I went to take it from her, she wouldn't let go so I practically ripped it from her hand. I stormed out into the hall and Amy followed, shaking her head. I took Amy's schedule and compare it to mine. I groan. " We only have math together." Amy groans as well, and the first bell rings.


[ Lunch ]


" Are you coming to the Rand party tonight?" My friend, Nicole, asks. " You mean Peter Rand?" I ask, sitting down. She nods. I'm about to say yes, but then remember what my dad said about party's during school days. I shake my head, the breeze lifting the fur on my ears. " My parents won't let me." Nicole rolls her eye's. " Sneak out then." She says, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. " Fine, but if I get in trouble, it's your fault." She doesn't answer, she's looking behind me. I take out my apple and bite into it, thinking about the party.


Suddenly, a pair of hands are over my eye's. " Guess who?" I recognized the voice, not to mention I could smell who it was because of my wolf sense. " Hi Jack!" I respond almost immediately. He uncovers my eyes and I tugs on my right ear, rubbing it through his fingers. " Hey! If you keep doing that, they will probably fall off!" I exclaim. He fakes a gasp. " Really? Awesome!" He tugs on my ear again and I yank my head away. 


He sits down next to me, and starts taking things out of his lunch sack. I dig into my backpack and pull out a book. Just as I'm opening the book, a wonderful smell hits my nose. I peer over the top of the book, over to were the smell was coming from. On the table, in front of Jack, is a huge chocolate brownie. I lick my lips, and before anybody can react, the brownie is in my mouth. " Hey!" Jack shouts. I quickly swallow, and jump up when Jack reaches out to grab me. Lucky for me, the bell ring at just that moment and I'm already rushing to class before Jack gets out of his chair. Never thought I'd say this but. . . Saved by the bell!


[ After school ]


The second the bell rings, I jump up and rush to meet Amy outside. She was coming over to my house to help me pick out an outfit for the party. I meet her at the front door and we walk over to my house together in silence. When we reach my house, my brother hasn't come home yet. He's in high school, so he comes home half an hour later than we do. " What if Mom or Dad walk in?" I ask, shutting my bedroom door behind me. Amy had sat on my bed and was tracing the silver flower design with her fingers. She glanced up. " They don't knock?" She asks. I shrug.


She shakes her head, getting up to walk towards the closet. I sit on the bed where she was, feeling the warmth on the sheets, as she looks the the clothes. " You have no good clothes, seriously," she says. One of the hangers scrapes once again as she shoves it aside, discarding yet another item of clothing. I roll my eyes. Then I get an idea. " Then how about this?" I stand up, grab her wrist and lead her out of the room, down the hall, and into my sister's room. Shari was away at college, so I'm sure she won't mind if we borrowed some of her clothes.


Amy gasps and squeals the second I open the closet door. " Omg! Your parents let her buy these?!" She nearly shouts. I slap my hand over her mouth, afraid my mom or dad might hear. " No! She bought these a couple months ago while my parents weren't home." And soon, we were ready. I refused to wear a dress, so I was in some super-short jean shorts, a black crop top, and black sneakers. Little black spiders earrings hung from ears, and a little spider web necklace completed the outfit. Amy dressed in a pink dress with little red flowers and red high heals, and we were off.
















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