Heartbreak Girl


1. Late Night Thoughts.

Calum's POV

It's early, it's 4:00 a.m. I cannot go back to bed after waking up a little while ago. I run downstairs with my gray sweatpants. Everything is blurry I can't see shit.

I look through out the fridge trying to find my drink from McDonald's. I finally find it and drink the rest of it so fast that I couldn't even blink.

I run back upstairs to find my phone light up for some reason, it says "Babe😍😋", now she ain't my Bae we broke up 3 months ago. I honestly don't even know why I didn't block her. Actually I didn't break up with her, she broke up with my ass.

The message reads "Hey". What the hell she broke up with me why the hell would she wanna even talk to me? I sit there for about 4 minutes staring out the window, wondering what I should do.

"Um... Hi?" I text I know I sounded like an idiot but I don't really care right now. I turn off my phone and I try to go back to bed, all that I could think of was the memories we had together, that at one pointed lasted.

Hey everyone!

I know it was a little bit short but I'll be back with more today or tomorrow!

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