The girl who Death loved

In the age of darkness there are few bright things left, but that makes that which stays lit all the brighter. When a man of countless age finds one such a light he fully intends not to let it dim. There are those who would snuff it out, where his reach can't extend. This is their only weakness, and it will rip him apart.(also on deivantart under Leaderlessmusic)


1. so little light


Based of chris-oz-fultons  picture of the same name 

The life of a woman is never easy, especially in the age of darkness, but there are those who smile through it all. One such a woman lived in a small hut deep within the forests of england, wandering out only to sell goods to the citys. She was a small framed woman with thin strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was known by her eyes, for she wore scarves that covered her features. She spoke rarely,walked quickly, and spent sparsely. Always just out of mind. 


~~~~~on a distant battlefield~~~~~  


Men fought with increasing urgency, their blades of steel cleaving through flesh and bone with sickening sounds. One general stood away from the bloodshed, his men's eagerness to join the slaughter frightening and disturbing.  “Wait” he ordered, a hand raised.

He watched the battle below waiting for the men of opposing side to gain some small hope of success. His hollow brown eyes calculating the correct moment. He motioned his hand downwards, indicating the men to silently creep behind the opposing force. They did so, silently raising their weapons, and plunging them into the soldiers hearts. 

A great shout for surrender was called out, the men dropping their weapons, only to be killed anyway. The war general was applauded by his fellow generals for his brilliance, all unaware of a cloaked man walking among the dead souls. 


The cloaked man walked among the dead, his feet bare on the bloody grass. He stooped at each body, lifted an unseen mystery up, an moved on to the next. With each step the man's aggravation towards the noble mortals petty qurals grew in size and intensity. /Why do they persist in these ridiculous rivalries? The ones whom end up dead are always those who had no part in it. /He mused indignantly as he continued his tedious work. The cloaked man suddenly halted in front of one of the fallen, his sadness ever present. 

/He's no more than a child! Barely of much left to give.. /  he morned, greatly upset by the actions of the noble and how careless they had been. He gently knelt beside the corpse, knowing the reaping would be hard. He grabbed the area above the heart, pulling up a e thrall being.

“Hello young one””So.......cold””Be at peace child”  the man lifted a scythe from the ground beside, gently pulling it through the specter. A breath was heard as the man felt all the boys lost years demand to be spent. “No! We want to stay! “ 

“You MUST past over” The man stated again “NO! Please....I want to stay! My sister.... I don't want to leave them alone....”“I'm sorry it has to be this way can't go back.” “Please! They need to at least know I'm okay now!” “I will tell them myself” The spirit pondered the offer, nodded, and phased away. The man  then continued his tedious work, vowing to hold his promise


~~~~~~~~~~~~~after some hours of release~~~~~~~~~  


The cloaked man walked through the small village, his goal singular and clear. Tell them. 

The man walked up to the small house, knocking thrice on the door. He waited for a moment while a shout of “Coming!” drove all thought of fleeing from his mind. He pulled his cloak to completely cover his face, seeing no reason to frighten the mortals. A woman opened the door, a pale face etched with lines beyond her years displaying query. “Yes? Can I help thee?” She asked, her voice horse form precived crying. “May I enter the establishment? I have a message for you” He answered deeply. 

“You can tell me here” “With the highest respect ma'am, you should sit down for this.” the woman furrowed her brows then nodded, admitting the man into the house. “Allihana! Come here!” she called, a girl Rushing down the stairs. “ Yes?” “Come sit, this gentleman has come to tell us something.” The girl did as asked and sat beside her mother. “ Can I get thee something to drink? We have fresh milk from the goats an there'll be beer in the-” “No thank you ma'am” The man interrupted her.  

“Very well, say what ye came ta say” The woman insisted. “It's *sigh* It's about yer son, Calab” “What about him, are they sending him off again?” “I'm afraid not. His platoon was ambushed by the dukes men from behind, he *clears throat* he didn't make it.” the womans eyes teared up, a sob escaping her lips. Allihana held her mother, her own eyes watery. “I was with him, he didn't want to leave, just kept saying ‘who's going to care for them’ Calab spoke of you both and he wished for you to know that he'll be okay, where ever he is”  

The man then reached into his cloak, pulling out a small medalion he had found on the boy. He held it out to the mother, no longer trusting himself to speak. She stared at him, then pulled him into a strong embrace, surprising the immortal. “Thank you”

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