The Kinds of People We Are| M.C.

I guess it's a 5SOS AU, although aren't all fanfictions AUs?| Chloe Raine hides away from the world. Shy, scared, and feeling alone makes her the perfect target for the popular girls at her school. I'd like to say that it all changes when Michael Clifford arrives, but really, it only gets worse.


2. TWO

Chapter Two


The floor beneath my feet changed from plush carpet the mahogany wood as I left the safety of my room. My eyes were glued to the floor, and my hands trembled as I walked closer to the front door. I tried to take as much time as possible, lingering at the corner.

"Hello?" He said. I could hear him calling through the screen door. "Are you still here?"

I gulped. "Yes." I said, nodding and walking out to the door. "I am."

He smiled. "Hi!"

I gave a weak smile back. "Hi..." I opened the screen door, allowing him in. 

"I'm Michael." The blond haired boy said, holding out my book.

I took it from him quickly. "Chloe Raine." Please leave.

Michael grinned. "So you're the girl from outside?"

Without meaning to, I blushed. "Yes."

"Your water spilled..."



"I..." I paused, unsure. I was trying to run away from you? I don't like new people? "I forgot something inside." I tried for a dumb, clueless smile.

Michael smirked. "Liar."

I stepped back. "I am- am not lying!" My voice grew higher with every word.

Michael shook his head. "Yeah. Sure. Can I sit?" He said, gesturing to the couches.

"Yeah, I guess." I said, ungraciously. Michael nodded, sitting down in my mother's seat on the couch, gesturing me to join him. I took a seat on the only chair in the room, refusing to relax against the back of it.

"So, I just moved here, as you might have seen." Michael said after a few moments of awkward silence. 

"Yeah. I saw." I wasn't quite sure what to say. What do you ask someone? I gulped. What does he expect me to say? Ask him about his family? Is that too personal? What do I-

"So, where are your folks?"

My eyes widened. "My parents are... out shopping." I said, fighting to keep my voice level. "Groceries."

Michael nodded. "Okay. My parents are trying to move stuff in. I'm too clumsy, they said. Go make friends with that nice looking girl across the street, they said."

Nice girl? I hoped Michael couldn't see me blushing. "Oh. You didn't have to come over here, you know. I'm sure there was no reason for you to want to be friends with someone of the opposite gender as yourself." I quickly covered my mouth to keep from saying any more stupid things.

"Not usually. I don't normally make friends with girls. They think I'm trying to get with them, or whatever." He shook his head. "Whatever. Anyways, you intrigued me, you know? Most girls over the summer are at the pool, hanging out with their friends, and stuff. But you were just reading. Alone."

I flinched. "You took...pity on me?"

"No, no, no, no." He said hurriedly. "I just wanted to get to know you. I don't really know how to explain it."

I bit my lip. "O-okay."

It was silent for a couple more minutes. "You're sure your parents don't want any help?" I said, glancing out the front window. "The movers seem to be struggling with the couch. Maybe you should go help them."

Michael followed my gaze. "What, are you trying to get rid of me? But yeah, I probably should help. Thanks for letting me in. I liked getting to know you, Chloe Raine. See you tomorrow?"

"Um, sure." I said, not quite realizing what he had said. Just anything to get him to leave so I can go back to reading.

But by the time I realized what he had said, Michael had already gone.


A/N: Well that only took absolutely ages. <3

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