The Kinds of People We Are| M.C.

I guess it's a 5SOS AU, although aren't all fanfictions AUs?| Chloe Raine hides away from the world. Shy, scared, and feeling alone makes her the perfect target for the popular girls at her school. I'd like to say that it all changes when Michael Clifford arrives, but really, it only gets worse.



"So, how was your day?" My dad mumbled from behind the mountain of groceries he held in his arms. 

"Fine." I said, fighting to keep the carton of milk stable in my weak arms. "What about you?"

Dad dismissed my questions, setting the food down on the kitchen table. "What'd you do?"

I sighed, opening the fridge and storing the milk away. "I kinda just read all day. I drew a little bit."

"That's nice." My dad said form inside the pantry. "Did you see that the house across the street has people in it, finally?"

"Yeah." I said quietly, gathering a few various containers of foods and pushing them into out small fridge.

"Well? Did you talk to any of them?"

I frowned. "I mean... there's a kid... he's my age. He came over and I... I ran inside."

My dad let out a long sigh. "I thought you were getting better."

I gulped. "I tried, Dad. I really did."

"I believe you." Dad pulled out a box of frozen lasagna, preheating the oven. "But still, you could have tried a little bit harder."

I pushed the hair away from my eyes, not speaking.

We waited in silence for the lasagna to cook, my mood becoming darker with each passing second. Dad kept glancing over at me. He opened his mouth like he would say something, but then he'd close it, shaking his head and muttering under his breath. Open, close, open, close. Like a fish. 

I smirked at that, just as the timer rang. I pulled the lasagna out of the oven, quickly dishing myself a plate. "I'm gonna go eat in my room." I yelled as I dashed down the hall. "Gonna go read."

As I entered my room, I could see my dad looking sadly down the hall, shaking his head. Guilt tugged at my stomach, but I knew that if I stayed any longer, it would all come spilling out of me. 


A/N: Crap chapter. Whatever.

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