Halloween Night

Just getting a head start on Halloween I guess.


1. Halloween Night

Darkness spreads across the land.

It makes me feel calm and cold at hand.

A smile spreads across my face as the moon takes its place.

Autumn leaves swirled as a ferocious wind goes right through you sending a chill down your spine.

The beauty of terrifying monsters decorated the town as they said trick or treat.

Little girls and boys let out cries of fears.

Those screams sound like joy to my ears.

I let out my true self every Halloween night hoping to give a good fright.

Feeding off my favorite holiday, I just watch the weak be afraid.

This is what Halloween is about.

Making the people you hate and love to give nervous shout.

Candy was just an addition to this wonderful sight.

Something good to eat and looking like a freak.

My season has came along.

Would you like to sing a Halloween song?

Jack o'lanterns gives us light.

Even though they might look scary, don't worry. They won't bite.

Witches, Ghost, Vampires, and so many more will be knocking at your door.

Noises scare you at every step.

Stories scare you to death.

Tricks scare you enough to make you hide under you bed.

The best place to be at during Halloween is in a cemetery where ghosts and ghouls can be seen.

Or maybe a place of legends that contains vampires that have a bloody desire.

Or maybe you could go look in your closet at home to see if any skeletons roam.

Of course there are some people who don't believe in such things, but you never know during Halloween.

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