Sunny and Leondre's love story #1

" I love you Sunny, always and forever..."

Sunny is a normal 12 year old girl from Blackpool. However, her crush, and soon to be soul mate is Bars And Melody's Leondre Devries!

From the very first moment they meet, they capture each other's hearts, and begin to fall in love. But, Sunny and Leondre don't let their 3 year age difference get in the way of their affections. But they know that others will...

They both have to keep their love a secret from the public and the ones closest to them.

But will Sunny be able to keep their relationship a secret forever?


1. chapter 1: the poster in the window

Sunny and leondre's love story chapter 1

Sunny was walking through town with her best friend Kiah, when she saw a poster in the window of her local HMV that could change her life, forever...

"Aghhhhh!" Sunny and Kiah were jumping up and down in the middle of the high street with excitement, everyone stopping and staring at them as if they were crazy!

"Bar-bar-bars-and-melody-are-coming-to-BLACKPOOL!!!" Screamed Kiah. They could not believe their eyes- their favourite singers Bars And Melody were coming to THEIR HMV to sign their brand new album 143 and doing meet and greets! The girls could not contain their excitement and gossiped all about going while shopping in River Island and Topshop. By the time they got home and their mums were sitting in the kitchen together, they just burst and everything came out at once. "Eh?" Said both their mums at the same time, utterly confused. "Mum, Sarah, can me and Kiah go to see Bars And Melody tomorrow at HMV? Pretty, pretty please!!!" Said Sunny and their mothers just laughed and said " of course you can! You'll be teenagers next month!" .

Sunny and Kiah ran upstairs and began to plan out their outfits and what they were going to say to the boys at the signing/meet and greet tomorrow.

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