When We First Met

Isolation, desolation, and obligation. Estella James and Lucius Ferguson become entwined in the hands of destiny as their meetings become more than just a coincidence. Estella is bound by the hands of three unearthly words that has left her walking in chains; isolation, desolation, and obligation. Lucius is bound by the very same words, except these words have made him extremely successful in life. Love is the only thing that can break their chains as they reach out to one another.


1. Chapter 1


After the night of my parents death, I was kidnapped after running off into the night drowning in my sorrows. It was the very night I lost my identity. I had forgotten who I was and what my purpose in life was all along. These very people who shrouded me in darkness made me believe that I was their biological child, but karma played its role as well did I. This is the story of how I died and resurrected.

Chapter 1: The Kidnapping

"There is no hope, before their last breath they requested that the child must be put under top protection. An investigation is being run on the assassins who took your daughter and son-in-law's life. I apologize for your loss," The private doctor along with other medical assistants left the house with blank sorrows in their eyes. The house became full of crying hearts that screamed in anger over my parents death.

The pain was not comprehensive as it was yet an emotion I had yet to learn until now. My mind became empty where noise was less tolerated so much I ran away into the darkness where there was nothing but the howling wind to comfort me.

"My parents are dead. I will never be able to see their cheerful faces when they tell me what a good girl I am. I will never again be able to hear them say that everything is going to be okay. Or how much they love me as I love them!" My heart screamed in agony as the tears fell down my face and onto the cold leafless ground.

Suddenly the world turned to black as I was quickly taken away. The memories from the day my parents died to before that became just vanished memories that I lost forever, yet it still stings heavy in my heart. What life am I to lead in my deserted future? What will I discover once I've unlocked the burning feeling that sits upon my own heart?

Only time can answer these questions.

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