Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


4. what are you looking at?

After we went into the car, he played some music and he sing some parts, without realizing that he was singing "i don't know you can sing" "y-you hear that?" "Yup, but it's okay i like your voice, you should be singer someday..." I said "actually, I already did" "what?!" " I'm in a band name '5 seconds of summer' and we played punk-rock musics" "ohh, thats pretty cool". He was driving his face was focusing on the street, and wow he is hot, and I thing I have something special to him, then he said "whatcha looking at?" dun dun dun..... "e-erm nothing" "It's obvious that you were looking at me""then why do you ask?" I smile at my comeback and that's all I can do, "we both know why" he said and my smile drops, "fine, it's just that I-Luke!! WATCH OUT" i scream, seeing a huge truck, then he spin the wheel (i don't know what you call it) and we were safe *sigh, "Omygosh Luke we almost got killed" "yes, we ALMOST"

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