Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


18. what a feeling

so the day went pretty smooth, until at lunch i sat at my usual table which is with Luke and the others, but through out lunch i could feel shawn staring at me, i was still wondering why he was acting so nice, but i didn't bother to look back at him since i knew it would be awkward so i just sat at the table doing my usual things until i saw Luke facing me and ask "what's wrong?" "umm...nothing" i look into his face and his expressions were showing some disbelief, "really?" "yeah, i mean why would i be sad or something?" "because your face tells so" i stared at him, what am i going to say? i was planning on telling him the truth when my mouth says the opposite "i got a C at math" i said. damn brain, why do you have to lie, and the worst thing is i lie to LUKE, the boy that stole my heart, but actually i did got a C in math, and of course i was sad. he nods and says "it's okay, i can teach you math" and winks, omg this boyyyy!!! so after school i went to my locker put my books and headed home when i saw shawn sitting on the park bench alone, i sat next to him his face was facing down and leaning to his hands, and his hands were at his knees, he looks like he has been thinking too hard "hey" i said slowly. he snapped his head at me and say "hi" "watcha doin here?" i ask him "just...thinking" he answered "about" he look down at the grass. "it's okay if you didn't want to tell me, but maybe i can help you" i say to him "look..." he look into my eyes and all i knew was his lips on mine, i didn't pull back, i just cant stop it. he broke the kiss and ran away as fast as he could. i stood there shock what does this means. after sitting there for a few good minutes, i continue the journey home. after i open the door i was splashed with blue paint... so they gave me green, and now blue? huff just like my current mood. i heard cal and josh laughing so i ran into my room and took a quick shower, by quick i meant spending hours too get the paint out of my hair. i went to my bed and lay down. i think about the kiss we- me and shawn's kiss. i wonder what could this mean? does he likes me? or am i in one of his love jokes? what abou me and luke? will he be mad? will he at least forgive me? i stood there thinking. you know what? forget about this shits, i should probably act like myself until i know all of the truths- my mind was cut off by a knock on my window. i stood up knowing it would be the one and only Luke Hemmings, i opened the curtains to see a happy smiling Luke, "hey Lukey" "hey cass" he hoped out of his window and went in to my room. "why you so happy?" i ask him "you won't believe this... 5 seconds of summer just got a first gig at the annadale hottel" "OH MY GOD!! really? this is awesome!" "i know right" i scream and jump on top of him while hugging him "but... do not tell the boys yet cause i wanna surprise them, and celebrate with pizza"i smile widely "okay. your secret is safe with me" and then we heard liz (luke's mom) calling him from downstairs "well... i gotta go" "bye loverboy!' he winked back at me and ran to the stairs. i lay down at my bed again and those questions came back but the one i was thinking was Luke or Shawn? that questions somehow scares me. then i went to sleep

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