Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


5. The Beach (a.k.a the first kiss)

~Luke's POV~

After the 'accident' we realized that we were next to a beach, so we decided to go there, we sat there and watch the sunset, I look at Cassie, damn she is hot. Then I say "so... How's life going?" Hey, what else can I say? "Well, pretty much normal" "and by that you mean..." she let out a chuckle which was adorably cute "it means it's great, no problem, no issues and yeah... you?" "Pretty much the same" "and by that you mean" she said copying me, i let out a chuckle "ya know, same stuff, well but I do have a problem" "what's that?" "Haven't found the perfect girl yet" "in that case, that means I have a problem" she said. Wow! I think I found the solution to my '1 problem'. Then she said "isn't this beautiful?" Okay, this is my time to flirt "yes you are"" I said the- are you trying to flirt?" She said in a serious joking tone "yes I am TRYING" I said which make her giggle then I look at her eyes, then she realizes and look at my eyes to, then we lean in and we kissed, I start to put my hand on her waist and she puts her hand on my neck, i felt butterflies in my stomach it last for about a minute when she pulled away "I like it" I said "me too" she said which makes me very happy, "I wish we could rewind" I said then she said "why do you want to rewind when we know that it will happen again?" "It will?" "Yes it will, and I know it will happen soon" i smile widely and so does she.

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