Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love



These are stuffs you should probably know

1) I'm from Indonesia, so I'm not really that good at English

2) I'm 12, so you know.....

3) I don't really have much time to write these, cuz' if I don't get good grades my mom will take my phone for awhile

4) my phone is iPhone 4, it has a really small screen so it's hard to type and I'm also a little bit typo

5) my grades aren't that good (related to number3)

6) I will update every time my WI-FI works (ugh...that stupid WI-FI)

7) sorry if this just waste your time

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