Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


15. mom is not a single pringle!

Cassie's POV

Luke likes me? .wow. "I'm going to my room" Josh said, he was about to leave the room but then he said "don't tell mom, kay?" "Okay, but don't tell her about Luke to tho..." "Your secret is save" and then he leaves my room, I crash onto my bed and close my eyes ready to fall asleep, "JOSH...CASSIE!!! Come Down here dinner's ready!" She yelled, ugh.... I get up and went downstairs and saw that she was cooking lasagna for dinner, yay! I ate dinner quickly and when i was about to go upstairs, mom called and says "wait...., I have something to tell you guys" "okay..." Josh and I said together "well...I have a boyfriend" Josh an I look at each other for like 3 seconds or something and then we laugh histerically, I mean like could you imagine your mom (41 years old) says 'I have a boyfriend' it's hilarious... "What's funny" mom ask I stood up from the ground, and yes I fell when I was laughing. I wipe my tears away and so does Josh. "Nothing" Josh and I said together, well his name is Benjamin Hood, he has two children, one boy name Calum, and a girl name Mali" my eyes went wide when she said 'Hood' and Calum and Mali, "wait mom... Do you mean Calum Thomas Hood and Maliya Koa Hood?" I asked her, "umm...yeah, wait don't tell me your dating Calum" mom said and she was shocked, I laugh a little "no mom... He is one of Luke's best friend" mom sigh in relief "well, isn't that good?" She ask I just shrug "wait, do you mean Calum as in the Calum we play at the portal" I nodded "yes!!!!" He scream "calm down dude, my ear's gonna break if you scream like that" "sorry, it's just that I finally have a friend to play FIFA with, no offense to you Cass...I just need 'a boy' to play with" and I nodded. "And they would be leaving in here since they're house is a rental one" "okay..." I said "but where are they gonna sleep?" Josh asked "well Mali is staying with Cassie, and Calum will sleep on Josh' and Ben will be sleeping with me, and don't think anything dirty about us you guys... Teenagers these days..." Mom mumbled the last part while I was trying not to laugh, "well I'm going to sleep I told mom and Josh "night" mom and Josh said

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