Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


21. Hemmings

Shawn' POV


I laid on my room just thinking, should i actually suppose to like Cassie? I mean, i promised to stella that i would always be faithful to her, and the thing is today was the date when Stella died, it's been a year without her. When she died, it had been hell for me, i started becoming a player, and all those stuff, i know i said i'll be true to her but i need something to make me move on, and it didn't work, sometimes i think why did she came to my world and leave for nothing, it seems that she just came to stole my heart and leave, though it sounded rude of her, but it seems like so. After a quite time of thinking i laid down at my bed and slowly drifted to sleep.

Cassie's POV

I woke up and took a shower, today shawn and i we're going to do a project for school, so he's going to go here, we actually planned this 3 days ago before the kiss, and i hope it wouldn't get awkward, but i know it will. I started to get dress in a band tee and shorts. A few minutes later the doorbell rang and i opened it, revealing shawn "umm... Hi" i said "hey" okay, this was really awkward "come in" is all i say he came in and look around the house "cassie?" Shawn ask "yeah?" "I need to talk to you" "sure" i said. We go upstairs to my room and he started talking "look, about yesterday, i didn't mean any of it, i-it was just a mistake, can we just forget about it?" Shawn asked me. I nod "well i guess we should get started" i say breaking up the awkward silence, "sure" he said, we work on it for awhile until my doorbell rang 'who could that be?' I ask in my mind, i opened the door and i saw....Luke! "Happy to see me?" Luke asks me "nope" i said blankly "awee, love you too" "oh, i'm having a project partner up in my room" i told him, "boy or girl" he asked me "boy" his eyes suddenly shows anger "what?" "A boy..." " cassie, are you serious? A boy in your room?" "Luke we didn't do anything" "said the one who had a boy in her room" "you know luke, if you don't trust me, the door could open" i said, did he actually think i will have a random boy naked in my room? " *sighs*" his eyes turn back to normal then "alright, i'm sorry i didn't trust you... it's just that i'm so stressed right now, school, and other stuff" i smile a little "it's okay, just know that i will never do that to you..." "let me see the boy tho... is he treating my girl right?" "am i even your girl?" i tease him "well in my world you are, but.... you are my world" "awee your so sweet Luke" we went upstairs which was hard not to trip if you have Luke dragging you. before i open the door luke held my hand, i look at him confused "incase that boy doesn't know you're mine" i roll my eyes playfully, when i open the door shawn and luke's eyes met they stare for quite a while then luke's hand grip tighter around mine. Then luke tackels Shawn to the floor and started to punch him and slap him... shawn switch over so that he was on top and he held him so he would calm down, but he didn't, so i yell for Josh and Calum to help less then a second they were holding Luke and bring him to another room with Luke trying to fight them they took quite a time. I quickly ran to Shawn "OMG are you okay? i'm sorry that happen i told him we weren't doing anything and i-i think he doesn't believe me" i said to shawn "it's not because of that...." shawn look at me with sadness in his eyes he told me to sit on the bed and then he tells me about his now ex-girlfriend he told me the whole story of her by the end of the story a tear dropped from my eye "i'm so sorry" he gave me a little smile but i knew that he wanted to cry to, '' but that's not what i'm telling you" i look at him in the eye he breathe in then out "her name is Stella... Stella Hemmings"


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