Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


20. haunted by memories 2

still a flashback 

tomorrow was Stella's birthday, i was gonna give her roses and take her to the most amazing date she will have, and will always have. i text her that i was gonna pick her up at 10.00 pm, and at 10.00 i was right in front of her house, i rang her doorbell and saw her in a hoodie (my hoodie, btw) she was wearing skinny jeans since it was cold, i wear my jeans, a plain white shirt, with black jacket. i took her hand and let her to the car and open the door for her she smiled and say "such a gentleman" i smirked and say "i'm only a gentleman for you babe" i wink, she let out a cute giggle. i went to the other side of the door, i went inside and started driving. "where are we going" she asks me " it's a surprise" she pouts and gave me the puppy eyes "stop it" i tell her "stop what?" she ask "stop giving me those eyes, they make me tell you everything" "in that case" she look me in the eyes with those puppy eyes i try not to stare at it, but i can't... "fine! we're going to a carnival" i said, well... so much for a surprise "yay!!!!" she giggled. we arrived at the carnival at 10.30 so we got in some rides, eat, buy things, play some games, and i won her a teddy! we sat in a chair while eating our cotton candy. The place was packed, but not really packed. i look at my watch and see it was 11.53, i quickly grab her hand and drag her to the ferris wheel, we got in and she squish my hand and say "umm... shawn?" i look at her and say "yes?" "ugh..um... i'm afraid of heights" i laugh a little seeing how cute she was "well, you should now i'm here for you. then the carnival started moving, she squishes my hand and when we were at the top, the ferris wheel stopped "oh my god! Shawn what should we do!! i'm really scared" "it's okay darling" and at that moment firework was blasting to the sky i stare at her eyes and saw the fireworks through her eyes, she was staring at the firework with amazement, her hand was covering her mouth. in that time i realize that i love her. yes i know, love. what a big word. "happy birthday Stella" i say to her, she looks me in the eyes and i see some bags under her eyes, a tear dropped out of it, i whipped it away and she kiss me in the lips ''o my god, i love you so much. i don't know what to say, you're the best person i ever met" i turn and face her. i pulled out a red box out of my pocket before she says anything i say "relax, i'm not proposing" she sighed "but... it is close enough" she frowns but smile. i let out a sigh and say "this ring, is a promise ring that you can never take off. even if something happen, so that you can always remember me.'' ''thank you so much" she cries in happiness i put the ring in her finger, she smiles and i quickly took a selfie of us at the top of the ferris wheel with the fireworks, she laugh and said "hey, i wasn't ready" i shrug and put my phone back at my pocket. it was the best day of my life, well, for now, i mean one day i believe we'll get married one day.

the next day 

i woke up with a note beside me it says that Stella was leaving since their family was going to pick Stella's little brother at her auntie's house, she wrote that she doesn't want to wake me because i look too peaceful, well... okay. i went down and open my phone to see 21 missed call from stella's mom and 11 missed call from her dad? i quickly call her mom and she answered "shawn, go to the hospital right now. stella...sh-she got in a-a car c-crash" i could hear her crying and sobbing. i stood there shock i quickly went to my car and drive full speed to the hospital. wome security block me and i say "please, my girlfriend is in there" the security look into my eyes and nodded. i ran to room 253  went inside and see her mom sobbing into her husband's shoulder, they let me see stella and have a moment with her the monitor says that her heart is still breathing she opened her eyes and say "shawn..." i hug her real tight "oh my god... stella" her face and body was so pale "i don't think i can make it shawn"  i shake my head "no.. you have too, i need you, i can't live without you. please stella, i promise i will be faithful to you, i promise i will only love you and only you, jus-just please... i need you" she look into my eyes "i love you.. but there's nothing i can do" i cried harder. forget what people say about boys should be strong. i cried while looking into her eyes "shawn... don't cry... i promise you will have the perfect girl, which i know wasn't me cause i know that i can't make it. shawn you're a good boy, everyone wants to be with you, but i promise you, i'll always be with you, you just have to know i love you" and then she let out her breath and close her eyes the monitor suddenly shows a straight line and make a flat sound. i quickly ran to get a doctor. they quickly went inside and lock the door. her parents and i was waiting outside. when the door makes a click i stood up and saw the doctor. he stared at the door and put both of his hands up i cried really hard. i can't believe i lost the one that i love, i lost the one i had, i lost her.

end of flashback


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