Which To Love

Hi!!!! I'm Cassie Heather Lakes I just moved to a new house, then I met a pretty hot guy a.k.a Lucas Robert Hemmings and yeah... but through what i've been through i met not only Luke which meant alot to me. i can't pick who to love, which to love


13. call this your second home....

After school, i went home and change and play my phone for awhile and then went to Luke's house by the window, and see Luke laying on his bed, then I quietly went there and 1...2...3... "AAAAHHHHH" I scream and Luke jump out of his bed shirtless, i laugh until i can't talk "oh my gosh, i-it's s-s-so f-funny, y-you s-should've seen y-your face, it's priceless" I said in between laughs, while he just stare at me like I'm crazy "you think that's nice?" He ask in a lil' boy's tone "well, I'm sorry prince charming" i said to him, he just nodded in agreement and proudly smile "well i guess it's prince shirtless" he quickly took a glance and then ran to take a clothe to wear "that's also not nice" he said "mmm... It is funny""wanna know what's nice" he ask "wha-" i was cut of by a kiss it was full of passion, love, and ya know... After that we finally break apart and he said "make this your home" "kay" i said with a wide smile. Then we look to each other's eyes and I got lose in his blue eyes "i wish i have green eyes like you" he said to me "i wish i have yours" i said to him "then let's change eyes" he said screaming like a 2 year old kid "grow up... That's not even possible" i say "mmm..." He thinks, wow sometimes he is childish but... Still cute. "Let's eat" he said "sure" then we went downstairs and he ordered some pizza after that we decided to watch some movies "what movie do you want to watch?" He asks "mmm....ya have mean girls?" I ask him "do I???" He pretends to think "duh... Who doesn't?" He said in a teenage girl tone, and I laugh. We watch mean girls while eating the pizza, which is so goooooddddd..... After that we decided to do our math homework, it turns out he's quite good at math, but since I've learn it at my old school, I can do it. After doing our homework we play a little and i look at my watch and it's already 6:37 P.M so of coarse i have to go home "Lukey... I think i have to go home" "first, nice nickname. Second," he pouted i smile a little at him and go ahead his window and put one foot there but then he say "no kiss?" i giggle and went back to him and kiss him in the cheek "you miss..." He said pointing to his lips and i laugh a little and kiss him and let me tell you it was amazing, i can tell he was enjoying it, so i decided to tease him and break the kiss and go to the window "aye, no fun" he said "i know" i laugh and jump out of his window and when i went back I saw Josh in my room "where were you?" He ask me, dammit.

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