Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


2. You’re Life

From the back of the class I had a pretty good vantage point to see just about everything: a window to my right, students to my left and front I could even catch all of the drama that went on.

“I'm not going to let that Bit*h take my boyfriend,” snapped Clare Jinx, the sexiest girl in North Front High, as she began going on a rant about a new girl who had caught the eye of Fred Herrom, the school jock.

“She can’t even afford Prada!” Abby Tristen, wailed into her friends ear - providing verbal support as ever.

Grinning, I looked to the over side of the class where the said ‘new girl’ was seated, in truth she had come to this lazy school a month ago but had yet to join any group, not that anyone would let her join. Her name was Christen Drasy.

Christen had become the most good looking girl in the short time spam she had been attending North Front, and had also became public enemy number one.

“Gray Malsby, attention forward,” our teacher muttered from his chair that he spent his time lazily slouched on.

Kissing my teeth, I looked forward and glared at Mr Copperbatch.

“The Dean is coming to give you all a talk,” he informed, yawning while rising from his seat.

The entire class broke into an agitated moan as the door was slowly swung open, and the middle-aged woman made a swoop around the class with her angled eyes that were suffocating in too many layers of makeup.

“A new student will be joining your class, I hope that no trouble will come up about him,” Ms Weather announced, attempting to make the last part sound threatening.

After a minute of smacking gum and giggling, she snorted through her arched nose and turned towards the hallway.

“You can go in now,” she said, after turning her head left, most likely addressing the new student in less interest.

Once she had walked out and disappeared behind the door frame, everyone went back to talking loudly, but I kept my eyes to the entrance, curious to see the new addition to the class. It appears Christen was also interested, as she was practically on the end of her seat in anticipation when I decided to look away for a moment.

“Come in then,” Mr Copperbatch sighed in agitation, obviously already taking an open detachment with the mysterious student.

The scuffling of shoes was heard as the new ‘boy’ came in.

He was dressed in a simple button up shirt and worn-out jeans that folded over his green dirtied converses, looking at his face I edged forward, he had wide maroon coloured eyes that seemed to be filled with worry, but also excitement. His curved face was pale, but a slight pink tint to the cheeks that were framed by curly died sunset red hair.

As my mouth hung open, I could only manage one word.

“Beautiful,” I whispered in admiration to the calm and docile creature that still stood at the front of the class without any notice to my or Christine's blatant staring.

I found myself being pulled in by his shy stature, never allowing myself to look away or even blink, my eyes had begun stinging but I ignored it.

“Introduce yourself,” the teacher demanded, going to sit back down in favour of resting his feet.

Alarmed, the boy practically jumped, my eyes followed every movement from when he bit his lip nervously to when he opened them and begun to speak.

“My name is Brian Cavlin, nice to meet you,” he greeted, put off once realizing not even the teacher was listening.

I swallowed the anger that had begun to build, no one should ignore something so perfect.

Mr Copperbatch just hummed in foreign interest.

“Take a seat,” he said, deciding to put his legs on his desk, meaning he wasn't to be approached at the moment.

Watching Brian look around, I shot up as though my life depended upon it and quickly suggested he sat in the empty seat next to me.

“Or I could sit here and you take my seat, if you'd rather sit next to the window,” I finished.

I wasn't embarrassed in the slightest, even when the whole class including the teacher looked my way in confusion. I was normally the type to stay by myself even though I wasn't that bad looking, so it was obviously a shock to anyone who had been in the school long enough to know me.

“Thank you,” he said in a small voice, red creeping its way across his face and reaching up to his ears.

He took a seat next to me and allowed me to keep my window seat.

“Weirdo,” Clare drew out, turning back to the front to continue her conversation with Abby, after a while, the rest of them did the same, except for Christine who continued to watch us.

Happy by the development, I smiled, enlightened at my new found interest.

“My names Gray Malsby, nice to meet you,” I greeted him, putting my hand out to receive his on mine. He pulled away too soon for my liking.

“Why isn't the teacher teaching us?” he asked me, making me laugh.

“This is register class, too much people bunking so they put it before and after break,” I explained, overjoyed by the look he gave me in understanding.

I realized our conversation was over when he took out a hardcover from his rucksack and frowned.

The rest of the ‘classes went on like this, but I found entertainment in watching his eyes zooming over each page with obvious enjoyment.

“Class dismissed, be back after break otherwise detention,” Mr Copperbatch mumbled, not moving an inch as his class dispersed.

“Like you'd give detentions you lazy fu*k,” I heard someone mumble, making me snort in amusement.

I had taken my attention away for only a couple of minutes to put my bag over my shoulder when I spotted Brian making a beeline to the door, soon disappearing into a crowd of students in the hall.

Quickly, I sped after him but I couldn’t see him over the masses of heads.

“Stupid cow,” a student muttered under her breath, as I barged myself out of the crowd and through one of the available exit doors leading to the garden.

The pavement was dotted with rain droplets that continually pummeled the ground in protest to the sun, which despite the cold chill, hung gracefully in the now grey sky.

“Great!” I hissed, moving my bag off of its resting place in favor of covering my already soggy hair.

I scanned the area, but found the garden was empty of life, not even the pigeons hung around.

Sighing, I was about to turn around and go back into the warm crowded hallway, when I heard the creaking of a door.

Spinning to face where I was looking, I saw Christen fall to the soaked path.

“Sl*t,” Clare laughed, coming into view along with Abby.

The stereotypical blonde stretched her leg out and placed it on the poor girls head.

“Don’t blame me for your saggy ass,” Christen hissed, earning a growl from her main abuser, who lifted her foot to kick her.

“Oi!” I yelled, getting their attention and saving their victim from a few bruises.

Clicking her tongue, Clare swiftly went back inside with a swish of her hair, along with her trained pooch Abby.

“You alright?” I asked, making my way over to her, deciding to skip over the mud in-between the paths and putting my bag back on my shoulder.

Nodding, the girl pushed herself into a knelling position and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand.

“I'm fine,” she assured me blushing from humiliation as the rain began to soak thru her clothes.

I gave her a hand and hoisted her up once she accepted it in gratitude.

Looking her over I realized she didn't have her bag on her.

“It’s in my locker,” she answered my silent question before going back inside.

I let her go by her self-hoping that the two don’t harass her so soon after the first attack.

Looking up to the sky I sighed, I would have to go to the infirmary to get a spare change of clothes and a towel to dry my hair with.




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