Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


14. Sadistic Truth


It hurts this pain.

I was imbedded with this pain, this hunger and it wouldn’t leave me alone.

I need to eat but when I do the pain intensifies.

I eat and I eat and I eat and yet, I still hunger for something that I am unaware of, for something that is unaware of me.

I don’t know how I had gotten here; all I know is that it is some form of woods or forest or just anywhere with trees.

At this point I don’t care, I just search.

I search for something to purge this feeling of emptiness.

The only thing I care about is finding food, food that will vanquish this hunger.

I don’t care that over the past days my skin has become only silk, thin and see through.

I don’t care that my hair is starting to fall out.

I don’t even care that I may or may not of killed my parents and young sister.


Somehow I had made it to a road, empty but not abandoned.

Suddenly, somehow I smell a smell I had never smelt before.

A smell so delicious it is sending both warm and cold shivers down my spine.

I am being lured by this smell.

All I know is that I want this smell, I want to destroy this smell and I want to DEVOUR this smell.

With inhuman speed and strength I speed towards it, putting holes thru the trees as I use them and my arms to gain even more speed.

It still didn't fell fast enough.

Frustrated I began screeching, saliva practically being thrown out of my throat and trailing down my bone solid chin.

I heard a scream follow mine and aimed my body; going too fast to slow down, in its direction.

I soon saw what it was I was hungry for, what I wanted more than life, what I would and have killed for.

It was a girl, possibly younger then I and petrified to the spot.

I could as clear as day smell her fear and her now soiled loins. She had literally pissed herself at the sight of me alone; in steed of the natural response of disgust I felt the pull get stronger and a sense of ‘arousals’ grow.

It wasn't the usual sexual arousal, it was arousal at my need to tear the girl to pieces and it was an arousal telling me to feast on her life and to take it for my own.

One thing was clear, I wasn’t going to let her live longer then it took to dissolve my hunger.

I took a ‘step’ forward and was met with an increasing sent of urine.

“WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU!?” she began yelling questions such as that in horror, her stature and voice going into hysteria as she bellowed in fear.

I found myself amused at her antics. Just by looking at her appearance I could tell that she was that stereotype ‘popular girl’. I felt a twinge of accomplishment, as if I was about to get revenge against all of those b***h’s that had caused me pain back when I was a student.

I tried to think back to those days but my memory was again blocked by the hunger.

Taking another move towards her I opened my mouth. The sound of bones braking and skin tearing was heard, my mouth was now unhinged like a snake.

The girl let out a piercing scream, it did nothing but annoy me.

It looked as if she was about to run so in response I brought my arms forward and pushed back on a tree in a lunching motion. Speedily coming upon her and pushing her weak body beneath mine.

She had become a weeping petrified form, already aware what her fate would be.

My mouth was giving off a strong ache, beckoning me to sink it deep into her neck.

It was as though it was a separate being to me however having the same intentions.

The hunger seemed to grow as I held myself slightly above her. She was like a stick being waved tauntingly in front of a dog that had been ordered to stay.

As this thought filled my mind I realised that I no longer saw this thing, this ‘treat’ as human but if she wasn't human, then what am I?

I simply snorted to myself not really wanting an answer and moved my head down towards my ‘arranged supper’.

She let out a deafening screech as my teeth buried them self into the space between her head and shoulder.

Her screech continued even as she began gagging, blood being spat from her mouth and nose.

I felt another wave of pleasure run through my entire body at the taste, sweet and coppery.

The longer I feed upon her the more I wanted and my desperate behaviour became drastic as I began scratching and clawing at her surprisingly still alive body.

I tore her cloths and skin, my fingers being caught on her boned, muscle and veins.

At one swipe at her arm I found my whole hand embedded into her shoulder and ended up scoping between the connecting boned flinging the appendage to the side and earning a sickeningly amazing scream before hearing complete silence.

Despite my disappointment at how quickly she died I continued to tear and feast until I was met with no more blood.

Grunting I lifted my body away from hers and looked at what I had done.

In one split second after seeing her I was him with the realization of what u had just done.

Her body was nothing but a hollow carcase. During my mad desire to eat I had ended up removing all of her internal organs from their place.

They were surrounding her along with the arm from before and the bottom jaw.

The only bites of flesh still attached to her body were on the top part of her face and her breasts which had been ‘almost’ torn entirely from the body, folded down towards her bellybutton.

I had just killed someone; I had just killed an innocent young teen and possibly my own family.

I tore them to shreds and I liked it.

Looking over my shoulder I hummed and snaked my tongue out to lick the remains of blood from my lips.

Somehow my body was back to normal, flesh and all.

The hunger was no longer there and I felt more alive than I had ever been before.

I looked back towards the body and tried to think back to what she looked like before I took her life and defaced her.

As soon as I did I cringed and almost gaged as a slightly painful shiver overtook me.

I ended up falling onto my knees and blinked.

When I fell my hands came into view, my nails were pink.

Even when I was in high school I never used makeup on myself, I even advised own my friends against it.

A smile came as well as the realisation that I had taken on the girls form.

Before I could think more on the discovery I heard a truck coming towards this direction on the road in clear sight of both me and the body.

Alarmed I grabbed the body and threw it further into the woods in a blind panic, the rest of the body followed and I got an idea.

I used the same method as I did before to turn into the girl but this time I used it to become how I was beforehand, skin and bones.

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