Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


8. Mayhem

  After deciding to come to the party I returned home to have a shower and get changed.

The party didn't really have a dress code but it was still a social event and even i knew it would be suicide to turn up in something that's not classed as ‘fashionable’.

The party was at nine and the time was four sixteen so I had all the time in the world to decide on an outfit, who says girls put in more time and effort into their appearance.

I started to rummage through my set of draws and took out a small pile of my cloths.

I always had them organized mixed, so that I had a top and trousers to go with it together in the piles.

It’s not that im especially OCD, I just liked having some order in my normally chaotic life.

Deciding upon a tight fitting tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans.

 I put them to the side and the rest away before getting a towel and going into my bathroom to have a shower.

I tend to take long showers so by the time I was out it had already turned three to six, I had taken almost two hours.

After I had dried myself and my hair I went back into my bedroom and got changed into my chosen outfit.

The tank top hugged my build tightly, showing of my prominent muscled chest.

I had a natural good structure, in order to keep in shape all I needed to do was walk now and then and with the short distance from my house and the town I could easily do that.

One time I even attempted to walk to work, it ended up with my having to lie down on the floor with a wet cloth on my forehead.

I could still remember the long speech I got from frank on pacing myself, he should probably be the one taking his own advice due to the large expansion of fat covering his whole being.

Even though he has got quite a stomach he is still taller then me, I knew him before I had met my boss, he had always talked greatly of him so I was quite surprise when I first saw him at the age of five.

He was taller than me back then but I had easily caught up with him by the age of twelve and I was now towering over him to his dismay.

He had brought it up it recently too, he was in one of his moods where he would start random confiscations about anything that popped into his head.

Shaking my head I went downstairs and practically threw myself onto the couch, putting my feet on the coffee table I reached out to grab the remote and switched on the telly.

The program that it turned on to was showing a horror, it had a moderately beautiful girl in the late teens running from a ‘man’ with an axe.

“I wonder if they ever show this on an actual Friday,” I scoffed, stretching my arms out to the side.

I still had quite a bit of time before the party so I had more then enough time to watch a few crappy movies before making a move to meet Josh and Helen.   

   We had agreed to meet out side jock boy’s house to save any confusion or if just in case one of use is late we could just go in and find the rest.

Sighing I tilted my head back and looked at my celling.

Observing it I noticed the beginnings of a few cracks, I’ll have to fill those in sometime this week.

Biting my lip I looked back down at the TV just in time to see two of the actors going at it with their mouths.

The scene reminded me of yesterday where I caught the two kissing in the boy’s bathroom, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to his party.

Huffing I shrugged, from the amount of people that are sure to show up I doubt he’d even notice.

Besides I promised Josh I would come and it would be bad to stand them up when we haven't hung out in such a long time, they were good friends and still are.

Sighing again I went back to watching the TV in order to speed up time.

It turned up to be a horror marathon, starting with sixth sense; that I missed, Friday the 13th; scream 3 and lastly jeepers’ creepers.

The time now was eight thirty-five, Fred's house was twenty minutes away by vehicle so now would be the best time to leave.

Switching the TV off I got up and went to the front door, after grabbing my coat and keys that I had put by the door, I left.

Getting into my truck I put the keys into the ignition and began the short drive to the party.

The road I have to take is surrounded by woodlands filled with many types of life.

It was not a cleaver idea to take shortcuts thru it if you were unfamiliar with the territory.

Driving around a curve in the road I slammed on my breaks, a figure coming into view on the road.

For a second I thought I saw the old lady from before but after looking again, once I had made a complete, stop she was gone.

Sighing in relief I began driving again, trusting that it was just my imagination triggered by my parents death that had involved a coalition.

After I had made it into civilisation it didn’t take long until I made it too the location, the street was completely taken up by vehicles but I could still get to an empty space near a flat car park across the road.

Getting out I locked it and crossed the road to Fred's house.

After a quick observation of the surrounding crowds I quickly found both Helen and Josh talking to Kenneth and Brenda two older years who helped fund the big parties.

“Sh*t, the mummy returns!” Brenda exclaimed, waving his arms around like an idiot.

“Can it Brent, you'll scare him off,” Kenneth joked smirking.

One warning, never call Brenda by his given name; he hates that.   

   Both Kenneth and Brenda had their triggers, even though they were quite social and only picked on those who knew it as a joke.

Rolling my eyes I smiled, looking around again I ended up locking eyes with Frank; who was giving me a curios look over.

Waving good bye to the people he was near he made his way over to us and stooped in front of me.

“Thanks for the warning mate!” he exclaimed balancing his weight on one side.

Of cause he was an idiot but to actually believe me even after they didn't see the teacher in the hallway, complete f**king moron’s.

“Yea no problem,” I assured, keeping my thoghts to myself, it wasn't his fault he was a victim of stereotype.

Helen blinked innocently, confused as to why we were talking to each over.

“The doors will be opened soon, so don’t you go anywhere,” Fred practically cackled, giving away the theme to be horror related, or just being an idiot.

Giving a quick wave the jock left going to greet the other guests before opening up his home to them.

The house was relatively big, almost like a mansion; trust the top dog to be rich.

Of cause my house was big but it was still surprisingly small in comparison.

As we entered hid abode I realised he was just an idiot, the walls were decorated in pink and white with fluffy feather bowers being handed out as you passed the door.

“Clare is not going to be happy,” Kenneth chuckled

“The theme to this party is ‘Im dumping you for the girl I had an affair with!’” Brent exclaimed, waving his arms around like a lunatic.

Raising a brow I looked too Josh who just shrugged, neither of us had any idea that he had cheated on her but we weren't really surprised either.

“Well, that explains why he decided to have a party,” Helen said, giving a shot nervous laugh.

The sound of glass hitting the floor had them all looking towards the middle of the front room.

“You ba*****!” Clare yelled, repeatedly picking up empty glasses from a refreshments table and throwing them towards her ex in a failed attempt at harming him.

The room became silent except for her careless yelling.

“You can’t dump me!” she shouted again before giving an exasperated laugh.

“You better watch you back,” she threatens.

Witness made room for her once all of the glass were broken and she went to leave in an attempt to save some of her last specks of dignity.

When she was just at the door her eyes meet mine and she stopped, giving me a confused look she huffed and then left completely storming down the pathway.          




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