Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


4. Home Life

It had just turned 4:12 when I made it home in my 1989 Ford Ranger.

It used to be my fathers it had an old rusted silver coat, the hood ornament was a small silver acorn that had also rusted over time.

Putting it into park I took out the keys from ignition and opened the door so I could get out.

“Home sweet home,” I sighed shutting the door behind me and locking it.

I made my way to my front door my feet crushing the pebbles filling the drive, after wrapping my hand around the door handle I turned it.

Finding it locked I rolled my eyes and went in after using my house keys connected to my truck keys to unlock it.

At the entrance I looked for signs of life, no lights were on and none of the doors were open.

Biting my lip I advanced into my room up the stairs and towards the back where there were no windows.

I went over and sat on my bed dropping my bag next to me, my room was spacious and had simple furniture that included the bed, a set of draws and a small TV with cable.

I have lived alone more than three years but still couldn't shake the felling that one day id open my door and be greeted by smiles and cheerful welcomes.

Lying down on the bed I spread out my arms either side of me, one ended up resting on my bag while the other rested on the blue covers that were on the bed.

Taking in a breath I closed my eyes concentrating on nothing else but the events of the day.

My mind ran thru leaving the house without breakfast then to morning assembly, first class than registry and stopped at Brian.

“Brian,” I whispered to my self-letting the caught air out while fluttering my eyes open

 It was a form of relaxation, like meditating except you fixate on something that made you happy on that day.

I slowly sat up again and smiled lightly, something about Brian warmed my heart.

Chuckling at the thought I stood up and stalked towards my draws, pulling them open and taking out some cloths opting to get changed.

I got changed into a simple white vest and green khakis, I had given back the borrowed cloths before going home.

“Dammit,” I groaned when my stomach made itself known with a loud rumble, I had recently slaked off of eating, the last meal I had eaten was yesterday’s dinner which was still small and barely filling.

I went downstairs with my hands in my pockets and adventured into my barely used kitchen.    

    Opening my fridge I decided that it was time to go grocery shopping.

Seeing as it was good weather I left my coat and walked seeing as it wasn't that far away, especially thru the shortcut in the woods.

It took over five minutes to make it into town and even longer to get to the store.

Once in the store I began looking for essentials items like milk and butter.

“Gray!” I heard someone yell to me, quickly turning I sighed.

“Josh said he saw you in school,” Helen said smiling as though her cheeks were about to rip.

I simply nodded and faced the dairy section, I began ignoring her in favour of choosing from the many different brands of cheese.

“My mom says that your welcome anytime,” she tried again to start up a confiscation, the longer the silence lasted the lower her lips fell.

She was about to retreat in defeat when I gave in.

“Thanks,” I mumbled picking up some blue cheese and turning it in my hand.

Her face immediately lit up again and she started sniffing

“Don’t cry,” I exclaimed in disbelief face palming.

“Sorry, im just so happy,” she explained practically throwing herself at me.

Smiling I put the cheese back and put my hand on top of her curly blond hair.

“Does your mom still make that lasagne?” I asked her as she pulled away after five minutes.

Wiping at her drying tears she nodded.

“Only the best,” she answered chuckling.

I continued on with my shopping with her hanging of of my arm in delight, it only took a couple of minutes to gather all of the items and pay for them at the self-checkout.

“How are you dealing with the house?” she questioned once we were outside the store with our shopping bags

“It’s a lot more spacious and with all the money from my dad’s will is taking care of the bills, for until I can get a steady job,” I explained looking upwards.

“Ok, well if you ever need help im here for you,” she offered giving me a warm smile.

Smiling back I gave her a reassuring nod before something over her shoulder caught my eye.

“Brian…,” I trailed of watching his small frame come out of the drugstore.

Hearing me, Helen turned around and gasped.

“He's the new boy!” she announced loudly making everyone in the approximate aria turn to face her in annoyance, including Brian.

He first looked at her and then me, after staying in one place for a few seconds he came towards us just as the people around us dispersed.  

“Gray wasn't it,” he asked his hands to the front of him clutching a plastic bag with the pharmacy’s logo on it.

“Yea, I guess you fine from before,” I assumed referring to what happen in second registry.

Embarrassed about it being brought up he blushed before nodding.

“I need to go, moms probably worried,” Helen said eyeing Brian suspiciously.

Waving goodbye she left sending one final look over her shoulder.

“Is she your girlfriend?” he asked me making me sigh.

“No but you’re not the first to assume so, we have been friends since kinder garden,” I answered him felling a small sting at his assumption.

“Can we go to a café and talk? I haven't eaten all day,” I suggested knowing that we both had a lot more questions for each other

He nodded his agreement and we made of to the south of town to Katren café.




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