Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


9. Guilt

Due to the lack of cups most of the provided beverages, which included alcohol, was consumed right from the bottle.

Of cause I, like my many school chums, enjoyed a drink now and again but I had work on Sunday and didn't want another lecture from Frank.

I decided on just drinking simple non-alcoholic punch, which involved me having to finish a whole pitcher.

People had crowded around and thought I was binging; being unaware of the lack in alcohol, and began to cheer.

I don’t get embarrassed easily so I played along before someone witnessing decided to do the same, but with actual vodka.

“Now that’s how to start an f**king party!” someone randomly shouts near me, looking I found that it was Josh, as if the shock at the blatant swearing was enough. Next to him gripping his arm was none other then Abby Tristen.

From all the time I had knew him he was often seen as a ‘hippy’ but never swore out right or intentionally.

“Well you sure are a hound dog,” I commented approaching the two, curious as to how he had gotten in her clasp.

Immodestly, Abby started giggling drunkenly swaying sideways into Josh.

“I know right? I never knew he was so funny,” she hummed.

I could only figure out one thing, these two had somehow managed to become completely hammered in just half an hour.

“Ok, now im going to go get Helen and get you two a designated driver,” I informed, rolling my eyes at their stupidity.

Trusting them for a few more moments I went on a short search for Helen, who I found in the kitchen munching on some Cheetos.

“Oh hay!” she greeted excitedly, waving her Cheetos covered fingers in the air.

“It’s been years and I still know where to find you,” I chuckle shaking my head at her innocence.

Smiling shyly she put her hands together behind her back hiding the evidence of her iron stomach.

“I have a fast metabolism,” she defends her self pouting.

Chuckling again I walk over to her and pick up the Cheetos bowl; that she had spent most of the party so far eating, and handed it to her once she brought her hands back to her front.

“Come on bring you and the Cheetos back to Josh, he's in need of a little more assistance then ‘Beverly hills’ can provide,” I said leading her over to the now even more sorry sight  of teenage bonding.                                                                                                                                 

  Helen's face immediately hardened.

Josh was slouching into Abby who was singing away with a beer can in the air.

“It’s my birthday, I’ll get drunk if I want to,” she sang, her voice reaching different octavos all not originally for that specific song. 

“Im surprised she didn't follow the queen,” Helen sighed.

Shaking her head she put the bowl of Cheetos down and turned to me.

“Im afraid that I don’t have a licenses and he was my designated driver,” she explained giving me an apologetic look.

Sighing my self I nodded.

“Ill give you all a ride home then,” I decided, rolling my eyes at the fact that I should of known this would happen, due to the fact of them both being either a ‘bad boy’ or a mommy's girl.

Smiling in appreciation she went back to the Cheetos and got a handful.

“Even thou it hasn't really been that long, I think we should leave before those two end up in a coma or in bed,” she assessed pooping one into her mouth.

Agreeing, I approached the two drunkards and took away Abby’s drink.

“Time to go dumb and dumber,” I muttered taking Josh’s arm and dragging him and Abby, who was still linked onto his other arm, towards the front door.

The two didn't struggle but were a pain in the arse to get across the road into the back of my truck.

I only had one seat other then the driver’s seat so I decided to put the one had drank the most next to me, that was Josh in it to make sure he didn't randomly jump off, while Abby was being secured by Helen in the bed off my truck.

“You fine back there?” I shouted back so that she could hear me.

Getting no response I reeled down the window on my side and leaned out looking back.

Helen was sitting with her legs down and Abby sleeping, her head on Helen’s lap.

“Ok, were fine,” she assured me smiling up at me.

Rolling my eyes I went back to sitting properly in my seat and started it up.

I heard Josh hiccup as the engine reeved into life.

“If you throw up, your cleaning it once you’re sober,” I threatened, doubting that he could even hear me in his drunken state.

“Hey Helen,” I yelled back again, “I don’t think it would be good to bring them back to their owns home with them like this, especially not Josh, his mom would kill him,”

“They can’t come back to mine!” she practically screamed in disapproval of the idea.

Sighing I drove out of the car park and headed towards my house.

After fifteen minutes I was stopped by whirling red and blue lights and a siren.

Sighing I decided to comply.  

 Pulling up to the side of the road I patiently waited for the policeman to come around to my window.

Once ‘she’ had come into view I cursed, looks like that Josh’s mom finally gotten into law and forcemeat.

“Well, looks to me that my boy has made an ass of em’ self,” she said, her thick American accent laced with authority.

“Hay Mrs Witherham,” I awkwardly greeted.

Unimpressed she hummed, putting her hand on my door she motioned to her son.

“Ill take em home for ya, Tristen's ma is on speed dial down the station,” she informed us.

Pushing away from my truck she stood up straight and made her was to the other bide of the it and proceeded to collect the two liabilities, putting them in to the police car.

“Don’t worry, I already know what he's like after a couple of drinks, drunker then rabbit in spring,” she joked.

I looked at her surprised, confused as to the fact that he had actually gotten drunk before, let alone in front of his mom.

“It’s been a while, quite a bit has changed,” she sighed lost in thought.

Even thou it had been a couple of years I didn't really expect anything other then myself to change.

I suddenly was filled with a guilty felling, Josh was always such a star student, except for his need to disrupt some classes with his cheerful attitude.

When we were younger we had promised each other that we wouldn’t get drunk like most of the adults we saw almost everyday, thankfully none of them were our parents but the thought still got to us.

For his mother to be used to this, it must mean that his drinking was for a good reason, I couldn’t help but feel responsible.

I also felt a little angry at him for braking the promise but I had to, without even thinking about it.

I drank to have a good time, he drank because of depression.

This time he was probably drinking to seem normal but got a little ahead of himself.

We nodded in goodbye and waited until she had left.

Helen had gotten into the pass anger seat and I began to drive back the other way to drop her off.

After she was safe home I decided to keep driving to clear my head.

It wasn't until two in the morning that I got home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            










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