Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


11. Empty

Ponding pain began attacking my brain, a massive headache adding onto my troubles was the last thing I needed.

“It’s gone,” Frank stated, pointing out the obvious.

Humming I looked down at the bug infested soil, where the dead body of a girl once lay.

“We need to contact Henrik,” he said.

I felt a small smile tug at my lips; it was often fun to annoy the much too busy man.

“I will call him, keep your eyes open to your surroundings in case their near,” I warned, closing my eyes and fishing my hand into my pocket to reveal my phone.

Flipping it open I typed his number in and pressed the call button and waited for him to pick up.

“What is it?” he finally answered in a groan.

My smile widened and I chuckled gaining an exasperated sigh.

“This better be good,” Henrik huffed not sounding pleased at the disturbance.

Deciding I had delayed it long enough I spoke up.

“A young girl’s body was found by the roadside drained of all blood,” I explained waiting for a reply.

“That should be easy enough for you to sort out on your own,” he practically growled, thinking that I was purposely wasting his time.

“It’s disappeared,” I announced.

The other end of the line went quiet.

“She's been turned?” Henrik asked; his voice sounding as thou he was alarmed.

I shook my head, despite the fact that he couldn't see me.

“We don’t know that yet, they could have decided to hide it instead,” I suggested.

He went silent yet again before hanging up.

Sighing I put my phone back into my pocket and turned to Frank, who was staring at me in confusion.

“Is he coming?” he asked, not sure why the confiscation was so short.

Smiling I shrugged, his presence was wholly depending on his schedule.

Henrik Frickle, forty eight and the owner of a large business estate up in Michigan.

Brother to Joana Frickle and son of Edward and Wendy Frickle, he is also my uncle and last remaining family member.

Both of my parents we brutally murdered when I was three and shortly after my brother met the same fate.

Due to the ‘importance’ of the family business my uncle was unable to care for me and left me in the hands of Anna and Ryan Cavlin, who gave me moral support whenever the staff were away or couldn’t be bothered.

They them self’s had a child a few years later and moved here, however they ended up dyeing in a car crash when he was eight.  

 I ended up coming here also with Frank, who was the replacement carer, to attend the funeral.

Frank had gone back and forth as the only contact I had to them when they were alive, so he was already familiar to Gray and introduced us.

I was still only fifteen at the time but I decided to do as his parents had done with me and look after him.

His situation was different to mine due to him having absolutely no remaining family.

All ties were cut between them once Ryan chose to marry Anna, they loved each other and the idea of having a child of their own frilled them.

Looking after me must have been the final push as they were at first reluctant, worried that they would not be able to do it and ruin the child's life.

I am still very grateful to this day and have done my best to guide Gray into the right direction; however I think that I have failed.

Not just has he given up on social life but he is now in danger of joining his parents.

I gave out a sad sigh, running my hand through my hair.

“You ok?” Frank asked concern evident in his voice.

Nodding I looked towards the road.

A white Ferrari was speeding towards us, obviously in a hurry.

Once it had come to a stop the door opened and out stepped Henrik, clad in a tight looking suit completed with a red tie.

“Thought you were busy,” Frank joked with a grin.

Huffing he gave him a glare before approaching the aria of interest.

“Im guessing this is where the body was?” he asked looking down at his tie and fiddling with it as thou it was crooked.

“What gave that away? The fact that we were here or the insects?” Frank asked back.

It was obvious to anyone that they didn't like each other and often end up showcasing their hatred towards each over in my presence.

“Would it be too much to ask if your dog scurried off to somewhere else?” Henrik this time directed his question towards me making me frown.

“No,” I simply answered earning a glare myself.

I will never understand my uncle.

Annoyed he turned back towards his car and then back at me.

“We need to talk,” he said, making it come across as an order.

Unsure I pointed my attention to Frank who franticly shook his head.

Felling a little rebellious I nodded back to Henrik and followed him towards his car.

“Charlie!” Frank yelled. He was always untrusting towards other men when it came to me.

I understood why as well, I just didn't care.                                                                                   

   Ignoring him I walked around the car to the passenger side and got in.

Henrik got in to the driver’s seat and turned the ignition, reeving up the engine.

“Don’t forget that due to your ‘genes’, I could gain rights to be your carer very easily,” he warned.

My eyes widened and I quickly snapped towards him.

“You’re putting yourself in danger,” he continued, still not making me any less alarmed by him mentioning it.

Biting my lip I looked out the window as he pressed down on the pedal and drove off.

One thing about me that I hate is that im legally ‘retarded’.

My mind frame is different from others.

“Just because I think differently from you doesn't mean that I am unable to look after myself.

“I know, you are probably better off than me but in the eyes of the law you aren't,” he explained sighing at me taking it the wrong way.

“You think it’s her?” he finally asked getting to the point.

Nodding I looked back at him.

“You remember Gray? He asked us if the body was of an old lady,” I told him, watching his grip on the steering wheel tighten.

“Are you positive it’s the one who killed them?” he asked me, his voice going dark.

I nodded still in the proses of observing his reaction.

“I’ll provide all of the weapons I can,” Henrik said slowly pulling the car into a turn.        





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