Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


10. Drained

I was rudely awoken by feet storming up my stairs.

Groggily I sat up in bed, running a hand thru my hair.

My bedroom door was slammed open to reveal Charlie and Frank, both looking worried and furious at the same time.

They stopped where they were and just looked at me for a full minute before Frank came barrowing towards me.

“Do you know what time it is?!” he asked shouting while shaking me by my shoulders.

Still tired I stared blankly at him without making a sound.

Grunting in annoyance he let me go and made his way towards the door again.

“Their was a body found in the woods, drained of their blood to the existent that they no longer have any faecal preconisation,” Charlie muttered walking over to one of my walls and looking at it, as thou he was looking out of a window.

At this information I shoot up from my bed, still wearing my cloths from yesterday and gaped at them.

“Are you kidding me? Near my house?” I questioned, not sure whether to believe this or not.

He simply nodded, keeping his eyes pointed in the same direction.

Not knowing how this could happen I thought back to the previous day and frowned.

“Was the victim an old woman?” I asked, remembering seeing her on the road twice in the same day.

Confused Frank looked to me and shacked his head.

“No, all we know is that it’s a young female with natural blond hair,” he said making me sigh.

Their were five girls in our school with ‘natural’ blond hair.

Realising something I looked up at them in confusion.

“How did you two get access to examine it?” I ask, my judgement suddenly being clouded in doubt.

Charlie turned and gave me a smile in reassurance, knowing what was going through my mind.

“We decided to come to see if you were alright when you didn't come into work, coming over here we saw the body by the road side,” he explained, tilting his head he continued, “You're the only one living in around here, worried we went to investigate and found it to be the body of a young woman drained of her blood like we said before,”

I nodded and raised my hand behind my head, embarrassed at the serious accusation that I had nearly voiced out load.

I looked to Frank and then back too Charlie.         

  Both were quite calm, considering that they have seen a dead body.

“We've called the police a while ago, they should be here soon,” Frank announced, most likely to fill the new awkward silence.

Biting my lip I shifted my feet, it was kina weird having you boss and ‘fellow worker’ in my bedroom.

“How do you think they did it?” I asked deciding to swing my arms by my sides to keep them busy.

I take back when I said I don’t get embarrassed, this was seriously embarrassing.

Seemingly they were processing my question but still gave no answer that I was pleased with.

“A massive needle?” Frank said obviously joking, he was quickly shut up by Charlie's glare.

“Don’t spend to much time thinking on it, you’re still in school so focus more on that,” he practically ordered me.

I wasn't overly interested, except for the fact that I live the closest to it. But the fact that he said ‘that’ and his tone is enough to tell me that it is most likely that it is something serious.

The thing about him is that he always uses school to divert my attention intentionally, he even used it when I came in to work to find his covered in bruises.

Now not just am I interested, im worried.

“I you don’t look so well, don’t worry about work and sleep,” Frank ‘offered’.

Hiding my annoyance I complied, thanking them for checking up on me and quickly showed them out before being left in silence again.

I was stood behind my door, staring at the door handle.

If there was a killer on the louse then it would be quite hard to break in.

The door was reinforced along with the very few windows only positioned at the front of the house, no where else.

I didn't have a back door so the only way in would be too noticeable and nosy.

“Could just be using the woods for a dumping site,” I suggested to my self with a shrug.

The thought of me knowing the victim kept coming up, everyone was at the party and it would be unlikely that any one drunk would not make it here on foot.

Every one was at the party, except for Brian and Clare...

My mouth fell open at the realisation, she had also given me a weird look when leaving.

Could she of wanted to get revenge on Frank by getting with someone else?

Buy why me?, she never even showed even a little clue to knowing that I existed, let alone to being her type.

An upside was that girls in my school only used guys ‘hotter’ then their old boyfriend in order to make them ‘jealous’.

“Maybe the killer knew,” I joked, giving a nervous chuckle.                                                       

  Suddenly felling very exposed I went into my room, which was in the side of the house with no windows.

The police were most likely going to come and question me, I lived too close to not be suspicious.

Sighing I flopped onto my bed, looking towards my alarm I froze.

Nine past thirteen. It was one in the afternoon.

At this time even the people who drowned them selves in alcohol could of made it over here, forcefully or willing.

I groaned.

Things are really getting complicated.                                                                     

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