Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


13. Discovery

I greeted Josh with my hand to the back of his head, earning a very satisfying groan of pain.

Ignoring his continuous whining I grabbed one of the bags that he was holding and made my way back to my truck.

I dumped the food on the passenger seat and got in; I went to close the door but was stopped by Josh’s hand.

I looked up at his face and glared only for him to pout back like a five year old child.

“This isn't the time to be messing around, I need to do something and I need to do it now,” I deadpanned not changing my expression even when his did.

His pout fell away from his face and was replaced with confusion and concern.

“What's going on?” he asked voice low and cautious as if he were dealing with someone with a very short fuse and a lack of understanding.

I opened my mouth to begin explaining before sighing and indicating for him to get into the truck.

“You'll have to see to believe me,” I muttered, opening the driver’s door and getting in.

Reluctant but intrigued he went around the front of the truck and got into the passenger seat next to me.

“You haven't kidnaped anyone have you?” he asked jokingly in an attempt at lighting the mood.

After getting no reply from me he began to give a nervous laugh.

“Right?” he asked again, his mind now wheeling with thoghts of predicament.

I started the truck up and began the drive back to mine, it was made in complete silence; excluding the sound of the engine and from the very few amount of other vehicles we passed.

I managed to make it back in the record time of twenty five minutes; without crashing into anything.

As soon as I pulled up front I knew something was wrong; aside what had already happened last night and today.

“Stay here,” I ordered, not wanting him to get involved in this mess to the extent that it kills him.

Despite my words as soon as I went to get out he followed, he reminds me of an untrained overprotective dog that was either too stupid to listen to a command or is too fearful for its masters safety.

He was always like this even before I closed myself away from them; it made me annoyed how happy he would act when I was in a situation such as the one I was in when my parents died.

It’s obvious now thou that he was trying to help me in his own stupid way.

 I appreciate it.

Deciding to ignore him shadowing not far behind I speed towards my door, fishing into my pocket to retrieve my keys.

Taking them out I put them into the lock slot and turned only to find that it wouldn’t turn in the direction to unlock it.

Instead I took it out and turned the door handle, it was open already.

Remembering how ‘she’ had opened the door beforehand despite it being locked I just cleared my throat and pushed onward.

I was already prepared for the worst. Be it death, screams or a scene from one of the massacre move’s I had watched before going to the party.

I was not ready however, for a girl around my age to be sitting on my side table by the door swinging her legs back and forth, a smile plastering her face.

Seeing us, she stopped her leg movement and instead replaced it with a drastic and almost impossible fast wave.

“Hi, hi,” she chuckled, jumping down and approached us.

Now with her standing in front of me I could see how short she was, she only made it up to my waist. Looking at her now I had no idea how I had managed to actually think that she was even close to my age.

It was probably my mind, not wanting me to believe that a young girl had broken into my house.

Or it could also very much do with the fact that she looked to of changed her appearance in a split second of being sat on the table and to her being stood up.

“Gray, I know what I said,” Josh began looking over my shoulder with a nervous chuckle. “But this might be a little too much,”

Alarmed and knowing what he meant I quickly turned towards him and threw my arm out towards the little girl as if that alone was an excuse enough for him to understand.

“She was not the girl from before!” I yelled, less tactical more aggressive.

Josh looked to of dropped a kidney stone and his face went white.

“You mean you have another little girl held captive in your home?” he asked, his voice being enough to tell that he was in serious mental pain.

Practically yelling in frustration I glared at him.

“What are you two talking about?” she asked, putting a hand in front of her mischievous face in a mask of innocence.

I latterly just shouted ha, I couldn’t believe what was going on in my own house.

First a little girl had broken in while I was out and now my friend for years now thinks that I was a child predator.

I don’t even want to know what would happen if he saw the other girl all skin and bones in my bedroom of all places.

“I don’t know who she is,” I said, my tone of voice sounding almost robotic.

Josh looked more than unconvinced and practically ignored my presents as he tried to talk to the little girl.

The little girl decidedly answered all of his questions with a giggle, I am pretty sure I am going to jail.

Just when I was about to give up on life her whole domineer changed from innocent to evil and she spoke.

“Is that the food?” she asked making my jaw drop, was I just scammed by this little girl and her ‘friend?

I was getting quite annoyed at this point and was about to start shouting again but was stopped.

Turns out that I wasn't seeing things when she stood up. Now, standing in the place of the little girl was another girl quite similar to the bony girl from my room and now had an odd similarity in looks to Clare Jinx.

Well s**t.                         

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