Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


7. Conflict

I had finished work at around quarter to three, like normal it was usually a slow day.

Due to the garage being out of the way from the town the only customers we got were those coming and leaving, which was rare.

I spent most of the time relaxing so work was more of a pleasure than anything else, I was starting to believe I was only their as a cover.

Charlie and Frank used to be good friends of my parents, despite Charlie still being seen as a young adult he was far more mature and reliable then most adults I knew even with his many weird quirks.

They gave me a lot of support after the accident, Charlie had also lost both of his parents when he was even younger than me, so it was good to get some empathy instead of pity.

I waved goodbye to them and went to get my truck, once I got in I turned the keys in the ignition and frowned in thought.

I had gone shopping yesterday but I only go small TV dinners, thinking back to the spaghetti I cringed and decided to eat out, instead of torture my stomach with the foul tasting food.

Nodding at my silent decision I drove my truck off of the drive and onto the road towards town.

Looking at my review mirror I saw Charlie standing outside with Frank with a slum expression, biting my lip I ignored it and drove off.

It had taken nearly thirty minutes to get to town and another three to find a decent fast-food restaurant.

The long drive reminded me of the woman but I quickly shook it out of my mind again.

Parking the truck in the connected civilian parking lot I got out and locked the doors before going into the restaurant and walking to the line of tills.

Even thou there were six tills, there were only two employees working them.

Thankfully it was an almost empty so I could order my food without waiting in a line.

The till I went to was occupied by a young teenage girl no older than me, after thinking for a bit I recognised her as Jesse Andrews from my French class.

She mostly kept to herself like a model student but her grades were terrible, she was failing in almost all of her classes except for art in which she was in the top class for.

“Welcome, can I take your order?” she asked putting on a lazy forced smile.

Nodding I looked down at a placemat with all of the food items and prizes, it was well made with realistic drawings and some cartooned animals on the kids section.

“You like? I did all the designs myself,” she announced finally coming to life and bloating out her chest.        

    Rolling my eyes I smiled.

“All of you drawings are good,” I praised matter-of-factly.

Confused she tilted her head to the side before snapping back into attention.

“Guess you go to my school,” she chuckled embarrassed at her realisation that I knew her.

She was about to say something else when a hand came down and whacked her on the head.

“Back to work Da Vinci,” another young girl mumbled sighing at the slacker.

“Sorry,” she apologized bowing her head down.

Putting her attention back into her job she plastered a smile back onto her face and awaited my order.

I ended up ordering a cheese burger and wedges with a coke for a beverage.

After waiting a minimal amount of time for my food to be ready, I took my tray and went to find a seat.

Just like the tills the seating arrangements were all but empty, except for a woman and her small child.

I choice a single table with two chairs on either side, near the window of the establishment.

Once I had sat down I picked up the wrapped burger and removed it from its greaseproof paper before taking a bite.

“Mommy!” the small child seated only two tables away bellowed on the verge of tears.

“Amy, quite,” the mother hissed, giving me an apologetic smile she got up.

Picking up her fussing daughter she began rubbing her back.

The little girl, despite her mothers attempt at soothing, only got louder.

The woman looked distraught.

She kept looking towards the customer bathrooms, until a man emerged from the males and offered a chuckle before approaching them and taking the little girl into a hug.

“Its ok princes,” he cooed stroking her hair finally managing to bring her to silence.

I looked away and put my burger back down on to the tray.

Sighing I got up and picked up my tray still holding my order.

I walked other to one of the bins and emptied it, having lost my appetite.

I left haven taken no more then a bite from the burger.

I went back to my truck and just sat in the driver’s seat not feeling up to returning to an empty house.

Leaning back in the seat I reached out and turned the built-in radio on.

“There are days every now and again I pretend I’m OK.

But that’s not what gets me.

What hurts the most,” the radio started playing halfway thru the song but before it could continue I slammed my fist down onto the electrical box causing it to start skipping before drowning into silence.

“F*ck” I cursed realising that I had broken it.

Frustrated I curled my fingers around my short hair tugging at it.                                          

“Sh*t,” I cursed again stating still to let my negative emotions to run their coarse.

After a couple of minutes I let my hands fall down onto my lap where they laid motionless ones more.

A knock on the truck window had me startled, springing up in my cushioned seat I bonked my head on the roof.

Shocked by the pain I covered my head in my arms turning my attention to the noise.

I blinked at the figure luring over the side of my truck, a grin gracing his stupid face.

Choosing to ignore him I put the keys into the ignition and twisted it to the left letting out a loud roar from the engine.

“Wait!” he exclaimed running to the front of my truck with the intention to block my exit.

Sighing I shut the engine off and wound down the window.

Once he had come back to the side he began smiling again.

“What do you want Josh?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest and looking at him expectantly.

He stayed silent until I went to turn the engine back on and began waving his arms around wildly.

“Wait! Im sorry, I’ll talk I’ll talk,” he promised making a sulking face.

“Helen said she saw you yesterday, apparently you were ‘A.O.K!’” he informed in a crappy high pitched voice, trying and failing to mimic Helen.

“Yes, I am A.O.K,” I said, annoyed by his cheerful presents.

Catching my mood his smile slipped.

“Please don’t push us away, were your friends,” Josh pleaded his expression going slum.

Sighing I slowly nodded, ever since their death I had blocked out most if not all of my social being.

“You fu#c@ng ass,” I exclaimed giving in.

I gave him a small smile and in turn I received a cheek splitting one.

“Hay, Fred is hosting this sick party tonight, you coming?” he asked me accepting my ‘apology’.

Thinking for a minute I shrugged, I haven't talked to anyone in years, let alone partied.

“Why not return with a bang,” I hummed.







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