Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


6. Coincidence

I was awoken by the sound of frequent beeps coming from my alarm.

Groaning I tried to ignore it and drew the covers closer to my body enjoying the warmth too much to get up.

The beeps continued for well over five minutes before I finally gave in and sighed.

Sitting up I pushed back my covers and went too glared at the alarm only to leap up in surprise at the time.

The alarm showed the time being 8:43, I had to be at my work place at 9:00 on the dot.

Cursing I leaped off of my bed and ran to my closet where I retrieved a white tank top and my pre ripped jeans.

Quickly getting changed into my chosen outfit for the day I speed out my room and down my stairs.

I was halfway to my truck when I realised I had forgotten my keys and wallet, rolling my eyes I retrieved my forgotten Items and began my short drive to work.

Once I had arrived at the town’s main garage.

“Five minutes Gray, it'll eat at your pay,” Charlie my boss droned out flipping idly thru a newspaper with last week’s Mondays date on it.

“Sorry, slept thru my alarm until the timer,” I explained quickly grabbing my blue apron from the rack to the side of the small space.

An arm suddenly slunk around my shoulders, looking to the owner I sighed.

“You sure you weren't with a young lass,” frank chuckled in his rough voice.

Rolling my eyes I looked to Charlie who was still immersed in past news.

“Mary was realy nice last night I bet,” he gave a remark grabbing a pen and circling an article in the paper.

Fred when serious suddenly and changed the friendly gesture into a chokehold.

“What was that? you seeing my daughter?” he questioned nearly choking me black and blue.

“Actually yesterday I found out I might be gay,” I ground out struggling out of his hold.

I turned and glared at him, his face was stuck in a coy smirk as he held his hand in front of his mouth.

“You owe me fifteen bucks,” my boss simply stated holding his own hand out towards Frank.

Annoyed I sighed shaking my head in disapproval, these two were something else.

“Im guessing a new boy joined your class, seemed a bit odd and caught your interest, it would be safe to also guess that you saw him again yesterday after school while leaving the store and accompanied you to the cafe,” Charlie started talking in a quick voice his eyes still skimming the newspaper.

“Could you please not do that,” I sighed again, already used to his weird observations.

Charlie turned his head away from the paper and blinked at me in confusion.                

“Stop doing what?” he asked tilting his head slightly.

Before I could answer he suddenly shoot up from his seat and speed towards the door.

“Henrik Frickle,” he said cheerfully swinging it open revelling a tall broad man who was frowning in displeasure at my boss.

“Do you know how many meetings I have today?” Henrik asked glaring down at Charlie.

Charlie simply nodded and motioned for him to come inside.

“Gray could you go and keep an eye out front?” he requested making me confused. Shrugging I complied leaving the adults to do what they intended to do.

I stood out front near the road rocking back and forward on the balls of my feet.

“Excuse me young man?” I heard an old cracked voice approached me.

I turned and saw an old woman smiling up at me holding a cane between two wrinkled shaky hands.

“Do you know where I could get into town?” she questioned blinking her squinted eyes.

Nodding I extended my arm out towards her desired location.

“It’s just down that road, do you need me to call you a cab?” I asked concerned that she intended to walk.

“I would be very appreciative, thank you,” she nodded, looking in the direction of town.

I took out my phone and quick dallied cab cars.

The cab took just over six minutes before arriving, the old lady bowed in thanks and entered the black public service car.

Once the car disappeared around a curve I let out a sigh.

Something suddenly came to mind and I blinked, turning my head from side to side.

“Where the hell did she come from?” I asked out loud, confused on how such an old lady could make it this far without a vehicle.

Even I, a healthy teenage boy had to use my truck.

Shrugging it off, I sighed again.

Biting my lip I looked around again, to make sure that no one was coming and stuffed a hand in my pocket.

Brining my hand out again, I withdrew a box of cigarettes and took one out.

Bringing it to my lips I put the packet back into my pocket and fished through the other taking out a lighter.

I was about to use it to light the cancerous stick but I was stopped by a hand grabbing it from my mouth.

“We've finished our confiscation,” Charlie announced giving me a pointed look.

I chuckled awkwardly quickly stuffing the lighter back into my pocket and made my way back into the garage.

“Delinquent,” the man from before snorted as he passed me while leaving.        

      Pressing my lips into a firm line I stopped myself from giving a retort, trying my best to ignore it I continued on and took a seat.

“Snobbish isn't he?” frank smirked, obviously pleased that he had gone.

I leaned back in the chair, crossing my legs at the ankles.

Looking at the desk in front I tilted my head, Charlie always kept it mostly clean except for the newspapers that he spent most of his time going through.

Picking up one of them I turned over the delicate pages coming to the page with the recently circled article.

“Mysterious death due to blood loss, no noticeable wounds for the victim to of bleed from,” I read out loud getting my bosses attention as he came back in.

“Get out of my chair,” he ordered kicking it lightly with one foot.

Pouting I got up and placed the newspaper back down.

“Why are you interested in those unexplained deaths?” I asked, choosing to lean agents the wall instead.

Charlie sighed and sat down, organising the papers he looked up.

“Don’t you have a job to do?” he asked back, avoiding my question.

I simply blinked, giving a silent answer to his question.

Frank laughed, walking over to me to mess up my hair with his hand.

“Cheeky brat, wouldn’t talk like that to your new boyfriend now would you,” he said, continuing to laugh as my cheeks turned a light pink.

“Weird coincidence how new faces show up along with a new arrange of strange deaths,” I heard Charlie mumble under his breath in thought, as thou he had just had an epiphany.

Strangely I felt a little sting of anger at his accusation but decided not to announce it, hoping that he hadn't meant what it sounded like.





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