Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


3. Alone


It took me ten minutes to get to the infirmary due to the halls being overcrowded and it didn't that the room was on the other side of the school, screw emergency's.

“Excuse me, miss harp?” I called out after knocking, after getting no response I went in.

Inside the room were three sick beds, a desk and a cabinet along the right wall closest to the door.

“Such a hooligan, you should knock before entering!” a voice yelled mocking the elderly woman who appeared to not be in.

Looking to the last bed I saw a grinning Josh Witherham sitting crossed legged.

“Sh*t, she isn't in?” I asked in disbelief, I wouldn't be able to get excess to the cabinet that held all the spare cloths without the key.

Josh sighed dramatically and went rutting in his pocket with one hand and pulling out the multiple keys that were attached to a ribbon.

“Seeing as I am such a good friend I might help you out,” he said putting the grin back in place.

Blinking I just went to turn around and leave but Josh had bolted of of the bed and put his unused hand on my shoulder carrying my bag.

“Im joking!” he shouted this time making me smirk.

Giving me the keys he sighed again, leaning his body back against the desk.

“So how have things been going?” he asked me a bit of unease detectable in his voice.

We used to be best friends in prime school but due to unforeseen circumstances we grew apart.

“Things have been going fine,” I answered blankly, putting the key into the keyhole and turning it.

“You know, I was just wondering but..,” he trailed of scratching the back of his neck.

“How im dealing with my parents death?” I finished his sentence for him my voice dripping with venom as I swung the cabinet doors wide opening making them let out a creak of protest after opening to the furthest that they could go.

“Look dude im sorry I just haven't talked to you in a while, im just worried so is Helen,” he explained shifting is eyes to meet mine that were frozen, looking at the boxes of spare items of clothing.

“Don’t be, im fine,” I said after a moment of silence.

Grabbing the first set of clothing I quickly left, ignoring Josh's voice calling after me.

I carried on going down the hall until I reached the boys toilet.   

   After seconds of consideration I decided to go in and get changed.

I opened the door and was meet with the sight of Fred practically sucking the face off of Clare.

“I saw mister Grot coming to check the bathrooms, you better hurry,” I lied wanting some privacy, as the stalls were too cramped to get changed in.

In alarm the two love birds fled the bathroom obviously not wanting to get reprehended.

Nodding to myself when they left I placed the clothes next to the closest sink and begun unbuttoning my trousers, it was surprising that no one had commented on my soaked clothing on my way here or the infirmary.

Slipping them off I evaluated weather or not my boxers were dry enough, deciding they were I picked up the spare tracky bottoms and put them on having to do a few skips to do so.

Looking down at my blazer I groaned, it had now started to smell like rotting fish and clung tightly to my under shirt that I had opted to wear to day instead of my button up due to the weather forecast of rain.

Taking the blazer off me then wrestled of my undershirt and dropped both on the floor onto of my trousers.

I stood my chest exposed as I tried reaching out to the sink a cursed, the spare top had fallen into the sink and was now also drenched from the blocked up sink.

“I think you should have checked it before putting them there,” a voice snorted from one of the stalls.

I gasped recognising the voice to belong to Brian, in excitement I spun around and went over to the stalls forgetting I had no shirt on.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding,” I joked looking from each one not knowing what one he was in.

“Im not hiding,” he clarified swinging open the stall door at the far end.

“So I see,” I chuckled approaching him with a warm smile gracing my lips.

We continued to exchange words until we heard the chime of the school bell.

 “Back to registry class,” I sighed ruffling up my still damp hair.

Silently nodding Brian looked to the door and then back to me.

“You'd better put on a shirt first,” he informed me before walking out leaving me alone to be late.

Cursing I went over to the sink and fished out the spare top, realising there was no hope I looked to my pile and cloths and opted to put back on my damp button up.

“Well I already am dripping with looks,” I muttered to my self-dropping the spare to the ground and leaning down to get the article of clothing.

After putting it on I kicked the pile under the sinks to retrieve at the end of school and left for class.                                                                                                                                                                             

I ended up getting to the class room to find Brian waiting for me.

“What are you doing? you’re going to be late,” I asked in a whisper not wanting to alert the class.

Shrugging at my question he pointed to the door.

“I felt bad about leaving you on your own, besides I forged a note,” he said smirking, showing his clear pearly teeth.

Shocked I stayed silent and let him go in first.

“You’re late,” growled a voice from the front of the class.

Looking passed Brian I winced, mister Quido had” Brian lied cheerfully handing him a note he had fished out of his pocket.

Before he could say anything more the teacher ripped the small piece of paper to shreds.

“I don’t give a flying f**k if you were doing errands for the queen, get to your seats you worthless sh*ts!” he yelled glaring down at him with such venom even god himself would run crying.

Sullenly nodding Brian turned towards the desks and slouched to ward his at the back, not wanting to get an earful of my own I followed behind.

For the rest of the day he remained silent only given small nods now and again.

When the final bell chimed at 2:45 I was about to confront him when he again like before break, he quickly disappeared into the hall.

Sighing I decided to collect my clothes from the bathroom and going home. 

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