Relay my life starting with yours

Finding himself alone with no memory of his own life can he rely on his supposed Friends word as he try's to tell him of the past from his own perspective?.


12. Alive

 I ended up waking up early that Monday.

I was too tired to even let my mind wonder at the weekend events.

I took it slow, giving myself enough time to wake up properly without remaining tired throw-out the rest of the day.

It took over three hours to get ready for school but I still had two hours and a half remaining.

I almost felt like going back to bed and coming in late.

After a few minutes I decided to do just that and threw myself, in my chosen school attire and closed my eyes.

It didn't even take long before I was slowly drifting off but instead of falling asleep fully I was interrupted by my alarm.

Groaning into my pillow I reached out sideways and slammed my hand down onto it, just missing the snooze button and hitting it off of the desk and onto the floor.

Letting out a dramatic cry I violently jumped out of bed and ducked down onto my hands and knees to retrieve the alarm.

I couldn’t see it like this so it must have gone under the bed.

Huffing I lowered my head to look under my bed only to freeze in horror.

Under my bed and a shrunken boned corps, its head turned towards me.

My body was refusing to move, I could only stare in horror and fear.

After what felt like hours I slowly backed away only to leap up and run towards the door.

It moved also.

“What the f**k!” I yelled, petrified as it slowly began to crawl out from under the bed.

I quickly grabbed the door knob and tried to turn it but it only went half way before letting out a click signalising that it was locked.

Cursing the day I was born I turned around to face it only to find it gone.

Letting the situation catch up with me I let out a breath of relief and slid down the door ant to the ground.

“F**k,” I repeated over again in attempt to calming myself down.

My relief was shortly lived as I looked up towards the ceiling.

Above me was the living corpse, breathing heavily and clawing at the ceiling like a cat in heat.

I gulped, stuck in a staring competition that I was sure would end with my death.

Unsure of what to do I just sat their observing it.

Obviously female with long blond hair and completely nude.

I didn't relish the idea of having naked women in my room before, I wanted to vomit.

Suddenly her sunken cheeks began quivering, Im sure that if she had any moisture in her body then she would have been crying.         

  “Help me,” she pleaded before jumping down and what I could only describe as scuttling towards the bed and hid back under it.

Alarmed but also intrigued I edged forward on my knees, keeping my head down to get a decent view under the bed.

She was curled up on her side turned away from me; I could see the expanse of skin stretched around her very prominent spinal cord and ribs.

Swallowing I reached a hand out only to be stopped by her yelling ‘stop’.

Doing as she says I brought it back and sit up.

“Who are you?” I asked, positive that it was Clare.

I heard a sudden cry of remorse come from her and stilled.

“Hungry, so hungry,” she moaned ignoring my question.

Startled I quickly looked around and gave a nervous chuckle.

“I might need to break down the door before I can get any food,” I informed her.

I got an immediate reply of grunting and heard a random click coming from the door.

Now knowing how she came in I sighed and stood up to go to the door.

I opened it and remembered that all the food I had was crappy microwaved meals, definitely not something for someone in need of some serious nutrition.

Looking back into the room I noticed that she was slowly coming from out from under the bed in favour of lying on it.

I still found the sight of her unsettling but I was no longer about to piss myself now knowing that she was still human.

Im going to ignore the wall climbing for now, anyone can do anything as long as their desperate enough.

Biting my lip I left, seeing as the only way of getting any good food was to go shopping again.

I kept reminding myself that it was human no matter how creepy she was. she would probably die without food very soon.

Hurrying out of the main door I quickly got into the driving seat of my truck and drove into town.

Going to the closed place to buy food; which happened to the fast-food restaurant I was at before.

Rushing out of the truck and into the building I cursed, unlike last time all registers were occupied by both an employee and a long line of customers.

It was Monday and their shouldn’t be this much people, they should all be either at work or school.

Looking at the lines I ground, the shortest line had three people in it.                                    

Joining the line I observed the other costumers only to find that none of them I knew except for a few high school students known for bunking off on Monday. 

 Huffing in annoyance I focused back on the line that I was in, still three people before me.

Confused I angled my body to lean to the side without losing my place to see what was taking so long.

“Josh!” I snapped making him turn around, a burger held between his closed mouths.

I began dramatically pointing at the menu sheet in front of him in an attempt to speed this up.

Josh just proceeded with blinking at me and pointed to his own large pile of food he had ordered, for someone who drunk them self-silly the other day he sure had an appetite.

Face palming I groaned, even thou I was taking the fact that I had a live skeleton in my room quite calmly he was just being ridiculous.

Trying again I instead mouthed my commands but he still only had a look of complete confusion before lighting up when the employee placed down a drink.

I was growing pissed, growling I glared at the back of this head until he faced me again with a sly smile.

“F**king b*****d,” I whispered, realising that he had understood me and was being an idiot on purpose.

When I get that food I am so going to kick his arse.




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