Standing on Edge.

Suicide was the only way to happiness for Melissa Johnson, or so she thought. She goes to the bridge and is saved by two strangers, Jai and Beau Brooks. What happens when she meets Luke, James, and Daniel.


3. Two

    "Where were you, Melissa?" My foster dad, Matt, questioned.


"I took a walk." I whispered, avoiding eye contact.  Matt grabbed my forearm, and begin to squeeze, cutting off circulation, I whimpered.


"Where were you?" Matt Demanded


"Westgate! I was at the bridge." I shrieked


"You lied to me, and you didn't tell us where you went.  You deserve to get punished." That's when I felt a stinging sensation across my face.  I crouched into a defensive position as the blows kept coming.  After a couple of minutes, he stopped and hissed.  "Go to your room, I don't want to see you the rest of the night or tomorrow."


I didn't hesitate to run up the stairs, and into my bedroom.  I surveyed the damage done, and all I saw were evolving bruises and a couple of cuts.  I sighed and slowly peeled off my wet clothes, placing them in a small pile at the foot of my bed. I changed into a pair of red basketball shorts and a tank top, crawling into my small bed..


I closed my eyes and eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.


I groaned as the sunlight filtered through my bedroom window, causing me to wake up.  I looked over at my clock and it read 2:56


"Fucking sun."  I hissed as I pulled myself out of bed.  I shuffled over to the adjoining bathroom and stripped to take a shower.  After I finished, I went over to my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black shorts and a loose fitting blue top.  I dried off and pulled on my clothes, but not before applying concealer to my bruises and cuts.  After that, I looked around for my dark blue vans, and I found them hiding under my bed.  I pulled them on, then pulling my long black hair into a messy bun.  I grabbed my cell phone from off of my white night stand, sliding it into my back pocket.  I ran down the stairs and outside.


I began walking down to the park, realizing that I had no idea what time we were going to meet up.  I shrugged my shoulders and just kept walking.  It didn't take long, I mean Albert park was literally just down the road from my house.  The sun nearly blinded me, and I cursed for not remembering sun glasses.  As I entered the park, I saw that there was not many people here, for being a Saturday in June.


I spotted an empty bench, so I decided to go sit and wait for Beau and Jai.  Not even five minutes later, I saw thse two, and three others who I didn't recognize.  I waved at them, and they walked over.


"Melly!" Jai exclaimed hugging me.  I tried not to freak out and I hugged him back.  Beau did the same then the other three began to introduce themselves.


"Hello, Im James."




The last one who looked just like Jai, coughed, then croaked out. "Im Luke, Their brother."


"You bring your sick brother to the park?  Really?" I questioned, getting Daniel and James to agree.


Beau scratched the back of his head. "It was Jai's idea!"


"You fucking suggested it!" Jai defended. I waved my hand around.


"Aside from that, what do you boys want to do?"  I asked, trying to get Jai and Beau to suggest something.


"We could play dare or dare." James said, causing Beau, Luke, and Jai to smirk and Daniel to groan.









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