Standing on Edge.

Suicide was the only way to happiness for Melissa Johnson, or so she thought. She goes to the bridge and is saved by two strangers, Jai and Beau Brooks. What happens when she meets Luke, James, and Daniel.


1. Prologue

  I was silent as I walked down Altona as the stars begun to come out.  I kept my gaze straight ahead and only saw a few headlights.  They veered around me and continued on.  I pulled my blue hoodie closer to my body as the wind begun to pick back up.


As thunder roared to the south, I smiled.  I had left while the storm was here, and no one seen me leave due to the pouring rain.  But the storm had passed, I was soaked and I was about to make myself happy.  I dragged my fingers through my knotted hair, trying to get it out of my face.  The clouds were moving quickly letting the stars shine and then then the moon to light up the bridge.


  I stopped walking and sat under one of the bars that separated the bridge from the water.  My stomach came in contact with the cold, white bar causing an involuntary shiver to shoot up my spine.  I rested my elbows on the bar and let my feet dangle over the edge.


As I sat there, my mind wandered to what had made me end up here.  The abuse, the bullying, the annoying little voice that never fucking shut up in the back of my head.  My foster parents wouldn't care, they never wanted me anyways.  No one from school would care. I mean, we were all about to graduate anyways, I'd be happy for once.  This was my getaway to happiness and no one could change that.  Life just wasn't cut out for me, and I knew that as soon as I turned twelve.


That's when everything hit me.  The first time I was called a slut.  The first time I was hit by my foster dad.  Over the years, the insults got worse and so did the abuse.  Teachers asked questions, but I always lied in fear of what would happen at home if I told the truth.  The bullying got worse and in year eleven, I had a note taped onto my locker with four words on it, four little words that taunted me.  Please kill yourself whore.  That was two years ago and I still think about it.


I pushed myself up and snaked through the bars and was standing on the edge.  I studied the waves and how they crashed violently against the pillars holding up the bridge.  I took a deep breath and put one foot over the edge.


"I'm sorry." I whispered as I began to put my other foot ever.  That's when I felt two sets of hands on my arms.  I found as I felt myself being pulling up and over the rail.  As my feet touched the ground, I looked up and saw two boys who looked scared and worried.


"Y-You were going to jump?" The taller one, with stunning green eyes, questioned.  I didn't say anything.  I looked down and began shivering.


"Can we take you to a coffee shop?  To help you warm up, because you're soaked?" The shorter one with messy brown hair and light brown eyes Questioned.


"Don't kidnap me and we have a deal." I whispered.



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