Standing on Edge.

Suicide was the only way to happiness for Melissa Johnson, or so she thought. She goes to the bridge and is saved by two strangers, Jai and Beau Brooks. What happens when she meets Luke, James, and Daniel.


2. One

   "So, uh. I'm Beau, and this is Jai." Beau introduced.  I kept my gaze down and nodded.


"I'm Melissa." I whispered, trying to tell these two little about me.  I didn't trust them yet.  I mean, I had just met them, and we didn't meet on the best of terms.  I shivered as the heat crept down my spine as we entered the coffee shop.


"I'm buying." I stated, leaving no room for argument.  "What do you want?"


"Coffee." They said in sync.  They went to find a table as I went to go up to order.  I nodded and went up to the counter and asked for two coffees and one hot chocolate.  I pulled a bundle of bills out of my pocket and paid.  I waited a few moments, then with the three drinks in my arms I made my way to the table.  I slid on the opposite side of the two.  I handed them their drinks, and took a sip of mine.


"So, uh, I'm sorry you had to do that.  I wasn't thinking straight." I mumbled.  Beau grabbed my hand and squeezed it.


"There has got to be a reason a pretty girl like you were about to jump off of a bridge." He said, causing me to tense.  I wasn't used to being touched, unless I was being hit.  I think Beau sensed this, and removed his hand.  Jai's phone made a noise and his eyes widened.


"Mum's home and she's not happy we left Luke home alone while he was sick." He rushed out causing his brother to mumble a few choice words.  As they both stood, Jai pulled me up with them.


"We're walking you home.  Wouldn't want you back on that bridge." He said leading me and Beau out of the shop.


We discovered something that day, we live on the same street.  As we walked down to my house, Beau had asked if we could hang out tomorrow. 


"Sure, we could meet up at Albert park.  If I can get out of my house." I mumbled the last part.


I waved as I walked up my driveway, and watched the two boys walk the opposite way to their home.


I braced myself for the worse as I slowly pushed open the door.  The first thing I saw were my foster parents, and they did not look happy with me

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