The Ends of a Spectrum

Holly Robinson is shy, sweet, small, stubborn, silent, and socially awkward to the point of no return. Thankfully, she's the smartest girl in her year, so people tend to stay out of her way. Harry Styles is outgoing, obnoxious, overwhelmingly intimidating, outspoken and so outstandingly charismatic he could charm the leaves of a tree. Unfortunately, also more obtuse than a reflex angle. After a whirlwind of coincidences and random encounters, will these two come together? Or will they stay at different ends of the spectrum?


2. Shoelace

"HUZZAH!" My best friend cheered as she opened her mouth to reveal the half-chewed popcorn she'd caught from the air, much to my disbelief. Pushing her lunch tray to the side, Demi punched the air heroically and I giggled, manically applauding. She congratulated me on my expert popcorn-piloting and raised my hand too, screaming 'We Are the Champions' louder than she really needed to, serenading the empty football field in front of us. Grinning, I cheered dramatically alongside her, eventually throwing my head back with a cackling laugh whilst she struggled to keep the half chewed popcorn that was still sitting on her tongue from either choking her or falling completely out of her mouth. She turned toward me with her hands on her hips, pretending to frown at my light-hearted nudging and teasing. The act didn't last long, however, as I watched her snigger at my attempts to lift her wet, food-covered tongue back into her mouth. She took this opportunity to lick my fingers, smearing her mushy-popcorny spit along the top of my palm and down my thumb before I could pull away in time.


"Agh, gross! Keep it in your pants Demi, Jeez!" I said between gasps, fits of giggles emerging from us both as I tried desperately to wipe her gooey clump of spit off my hand and onto her crop top. She wiggled her eyebrows at me and snatched at my arm, which I pulled away in the nick of time. I flailed my wrist in front of me as she tickled me and tried desperately to latch onto any part of my body.


"Buht, Madam! You ehr so pretty, I must taint your pale British arm with mai... How do you say; sweet, French kisses." Demi cooed in her best accent and passionately started licking my arm, making her way upwards to my face. I squealed in disgust and pushed her away just before she reached the crook of my elbow, laughing and swatting her away. 


The speaker above our heads blared loudly, startling us and causing me to leap about a foot into the air. Demi laughed at my startled, jittery reaction and I punched her lightly in the arm, grabbing my bag and our trays and walking into the building. Demi asked what I had next, and I groaned when I saw 'History' sprawled across the 4th period slot. She put a hand on my shoulder reassuringly, even though it didn't change my attitude in the slightest. Once the bell had rung, we met up and grabbed our food. I practically vomited out the incident with Harry, reiterating what had happened during science. She gasped aloud when I told her about him throwing my books onto the floor, turned red with rage when I scoffed about him openly bragging to me after checking out my ass (which she also found slightly amusing, since no one had ever really checked me out before; a milestone in her eyes. I slapped her arm at the milestone part), and she tutted and shook her head in dismay when I told her about him calling me 'Feisty'. 


"Look, Hols. It's one class, then two more periods 'til home time. The day'll be over before you know it." I scoffed and kept walking, but stumbld when I felt her tug me back and place both her hands on my shoulders. "You can do this, Holly." She shook me and I resisted the urge to laugh sarcastically. With a mumbled 'Whatever'  I hugged her goodbye and headed into the main building, dreading it more and more with every dull tile I counted. 


When I stepped over my 32nd tile, something terribly unusual almost stopped me in my tracks. I heard my name. At first, I ignored it, I was probably hearing things. But as I heard laughing and whispering accompanying these whiffs of familiarity, I tensed slightly, feeling cold eyes burning holes into me as I walked. Instinctively, I looked up, frantically scanning the room to confirm my suspicions. Sure enough, the same cluster of model-worthy, slim girls I saw this morning were leaning around their lockers, quite confidently peering at me and laughing. I blushed, intimidated by their scrutiny and shocked with the blunt manner in which they did so. I held my head down, and they took this as a sign to keep talking.


"You should've seen her in science! I mean I always thought she was so sweet, but the way she bitched at Harry..." One girl murmured. 


"It must've been bad," Said another girl. 'The way the other guys reacted when Harry told them what she'd said to him- something about him being an asswipe?' I grinned at that. 'They didn't really know what to say. I mean, they found it funny, and so did he, but seeing Harry so... uncomfortable with it all. God, I wanted to help him so bad.'


I walked faster, wanting to get as far away from prying eyes as was humanly possible. It's fine, I said to myself. You can ride this out. Just don't draw any attention to yourself and you'll be fine.


Whilst I made my way up to the final few steps, I felt my right shoelace tug underneath my other foot, abruptlybtly interrupting my hurried stride. I tried to pull my left foot away, but somehow I pulled too hard, and I lost my balance, sending me flying through the air. I hurtled downwards, and widened my eyes as my life flashed before my eyes and my body tumbled towards the floor. I clutched for my books, squeaking as I fumbled about, squirming the whloe way down, hearing laughter erupt from behind me. I landed on the floor with a loud THUD! And winced as the pain radiated through my body, stinging and sharp. I looked up from my starfish position on the floor and felt my blood boil. Almost everyone there was laughing hysterically, pointing at me and gossiping about karma. Lookign around, I evem sawa few girls that I knew start to chuckle involuntarily, though they tried covering their mouths for my sake. I felt my cheeks burn at the unwanted attention.


I looked over to Liam. He was laughing and looking around. I sighed, knowing that he was one of the many boys who would never, ever fancy me after this. Without being aware of doing so, I turned my head to the green-eyed boy, frozen beside him.


It was Harry. He was standing with his feet mid turn, curls bouncing about his head, cocked ever so slightly to the side, unsure of whether to ignore me or come to my aid. He was looking right at me with concern etched across his features. The one thing that surprised me more than the concern, the patience, or his reluctance to help was the fact that he was the only person here who wasn't laughing at me. I bit my lip with confusion, wondering what on Earth was stopping him from helping me up if he was truly the sole bystander that wasn't following the crowd. As I scanned his eyes for an answer, Liam nudged him slightly, confused as to why he wasn't laughing at the hilarious thing occurring right in front of everyone. Harry started to shush him, still watching me and not making any effort to help. Why was he, the boy who probably wanted me out of his life more than anyone else in this room, looking at me like there was something that I still had to do?


As soon as he shushed Liam, it clicked. Harry had never met me before, I was much too shy to attract his attention, so he probably didn't even know if I wanted his help. I could accept his offer or go bat-shit crazy on him. If I hadn't argued with him in first period, he'd probably be laughing too.  But now, because I was the only girl in this entire school who was far more repulsed by Harry than anyone he'd ever met, I sparked his curiosity- amused him, possibly.


I get it now. Harry wanted to see how I would react! I guess, since he's never really known me, He's making a judgment for future reference; to judge whether I'm someone he should look out for next time, or someone too pathetic to be noticed. The cogs in my head were turning faster than ever. I could see it in his eyes! The wonder, the anticipation, and the amusement. In my head, it all made sense. To him, this was a test. A test to show him how different I really was. 


Come on, his eyes flickered between mine, somehow speaking to me in a way words hadn't ever managed. I hadn't noticed until now how green his eyes were. What are you gonna do, scurry away? Apologise to someone? Cry? It was like he was trying to egg me on. I pushed my shoulders back and raised my head higher. He smiled, and it was obvious what he wanted me to do.


His eyes glinted again.


Prove me wrong. 


I turned to the people in the hallway, not tearing my gaze from any of their faces. With Harry watching me, I knew looking down meant losing, and I wasn't having that. I took a deep breath and mustered all my courage to push my body off the floor and slowly, without breaking eye contact, gather up my books deliberately and calmly.


"What!" I snapped, and I swear everyone stepped back a few paces. I got up and held my head high, giving every student around me a good, long stare. Most had to avert their eyes, they were so guilty. I gilded over to the classroom door, only pausing to turn back. Harry immediately caught my gaze, and he chuckled to himself whilst he hurried to stand in front of me. Politely, he leaned in front of me to grab the door handle and let me through.


"Nice recovery," He whispered, pulling back from the handle. As he said it, his lips grazed across my cheek, causing goosebumps to run down my spine in... surprise, and I stepped forward to enter the room. Before I could get through, though, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back, a mischievous shimmer in his eyes.


"Except," He murmured, leaning down and 'accidentally' brushing his shoulder across my stomach and my... area. He grabbed my shoelaces and looked up at me innocently. "You forgot to tie up your shoes."


All I could do was open my mouth in protest and begrudgingly close it again, whilst he quickly and swiftly tied my laces into a neat bow. Once he was done, he pushed himself back up, using his hand to guide his way up my body ('clumsily' touching places  that were way out of bounds) and shot me a smile. And for a moment, in the midst of all the people watching us, I almost smiled back. 


For a split second, I contemplated what life would be like if from here on out, I fawned over him like the rest of the girls in my school. I mean, I could ignore his attitude and focus on his bright eyes and jungle of curly hair. He knew how to charm anyone and anything into thinking or feeling whatever he pleased, and he definitely succeeded in making me... feel things just then. No one had ever touched me like that before, and it was certainly an experience I won't soon forget. 


But maybe that's what he wanted. He was obviously confused as to why I was the only girl in the school who wasn't in love with him. Maybe, he was just flirting with me to make me so dizzy and woozy that I'd forget why I was even angry in the first place. Maybe, he was just expecting me to blush in defeat and scurry away so that this whole problem would be out the window. And he could go back to his life of being the teenage heartthrob that was loved by anyone and everyone.


In that short amount of time, I realised that he was only manipulating me for his own selfish needs. To feel complete again. I decided that I was going to prove him wrong. No, I would not crumble and bow down to him, I would play a little game of my own; 'Fighting Fire with Fire'.


"Well," I started, closing the distance between us as the smile dropped from Harry's face. He leaned back slightly in hesitation, and I realised how much I enjoyed making Harry Styles- womanizer and charisma extraordinaire- uncomfortable. 


"I'll make sure that everything is nice and..." I leaned into his ear with a confidence I had no idea I posessed and placed a hand on his chest to balance myself, hearing a few murmurs behind me at the contact. He gulped nervously, and I almost laughed at him, squirming delightfully beneath my touch. Under my palm, his heartbeat raced, and his face began to redden. 


"Tight..." I heard him gasp. "Next time."


He stiffened again, and whether it was because he hated it or he liked it didn't matter, because the look on his face was priceless, and well worth the strange, uncomfortable feeling I got after I'd acted so... Like Harry. I was starting to pull away when he smiled again, his eyes darkening, and leaned into me again.


Like he was going to kiss me.


Can we just pause here for a moment, and really dissect the impossibility of what was happening here? An unbelievable truth on it's own, Harry Styles had flirted with Me, Holly Robinson. The girl who never had time to style her hair in any other fashion than a mediocre bun. The girl who, after she hit puberty, never wore anything to school than went above her elbows, above her knees, or involved a skirt. And the girl, who was currently wearing the baggiest jumper of her entire life, Tracksuit bottoms, and glasses as dorky as a Star Trek themed chess tournament, had insulted the aforementioned HARRY STYLES only hours ago. Now, in the middle of a doorway, with an entire History class watching anxiously, Harry Styles was leaning in to KISS. HOLLY. ROBINSON! To KISS! HOLLY ROBINSON! HARRY fucking STYLES, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, HaRrY FUckING sTylES!!


Shocked (and also flipping the fuck out internally), I pulled away from... Whatever that was... And scoffed, pushing past him like he wasn't even there. I sat myself down on the small, grey desk and waited patiently for our teacher to arrive and the other students, shocked and confused by the previous events, to file in. Nobody dared to speak, as though it would make what just happened in the middle of the hallway dissapear from existence. Harry blinked a few times, stunned. For a few moments, he didn't really know what to do. It was like he'd seen a ghost. Eventually, Harry Styles raked a hand through his hair, cleared his throat awkwardly and sauntered to the back of the class like nothing happened, avoiding my stare the entire time. 


I swear, in that moment you could hear a pin drop.




Harry's POV


What the fuck.


Holly Robinson, what the FUCK, I thought to myself. 




I sat down in my usual spot in the back corner of the room and gripped the edges of the table to steady myself. Did that seriously just fucking happen? The fuck was going on with me?


I decided that I was only thinking with my dick (I mean, the second any girl leans into me like that it's just instinct to kiss her, right?) and that it wasn't Holly I was attracted to, it was the body covered up in all those layers that probably only seemed sexy as hell because of the creases in her jumper and shadows and shit, and the big glasses that magnified those sexy fucking brown eyes, which were also most likely 'sexy' because they were magnified, and the voice that literally sent shivers down my spine like a fucking tsunami, probably because... Well, fuck I don't know, she was so fucking close to my neck? It must've been like a warning sign or something.


"Harry, what the fuck, mate?" Liam said, sliding into the seat next to me whilst I reassured myself it was only a huge misunderstanding.


"Don't worry 'bout it, Liam, I didn't even care. S'not like she was hot or anything." I shrugged, crossing my arms in front of my chest and slouching in my seat.


"Well, you should have told that to your hard-on, mate!" Liam managed to spit out before bursting into fits of laughter, doubling over in his chair and slapping the table hard. I swore under my breath and frantically pulled my jumper down to cover my crotch as best as I could, hoping no one else had seen my... issue. Annoyed, I punched Liam in the arm, grinning despite myself as he flinched in pain at the impact. 


"So," he said once he'd calmed down, turning to face me as I held my face in my hands, cringing at this whole situation. "What are you gonna do?"


I lifted my head up, looking at her back intently, wondering what I actually would do about this whole... I don't even know what this is anymore. Fuck, what is going on? 


"Well," I started. "I guess there's no point dancing around the problem." Liam raised an eyebrow, waiting for my big solution. I wondered what he'd think about it.


"I'll just have to talk to her. Alone."


Hey guys! I hope you liked this chapter. I really enjoyed writing it and thought it'd be great fun to show Holly beating Harry a what he does best :P. Put down in the comments below what you're hoping will happen next. Same thing applies as last time, you could be featured in the story! Bye for now. An12na xx


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