The Ends of a Spectrum

Holly Robinson is shy, sweet, small, stubborn, silent, and socially awkward to the point of no return. Thankfully, she's the smartest girl in her year, so people tend to stay out of her way. Harry Styles is outgoing, obnoxious, overwhelmingly intimidating, outspoken and so outstandingly charismatic he could charm the leaves of a tree. Unfortunately, also more obtuse than a reflex angle. After a whirlwind of coincidences and random encounters, will these two come together? Or will they stay at different ends of the spectrum?


3. Conversation

Harry's POV


"Are you sure about this? I mean, really 100% certain?" Louis asked, looking at me and trying to decipher what it was that motivated me to do this. He stood in front of me with the others: Liam and Zayn on his left and Niall on his right. As soon as last period had finished, Liam had run to the boys to tell them everything that'd happened today (after history, I'd also told Liam about Holly in Science because I thought he'd help me figure out what I should do. Turns out he was pretty useless). By the time I got to my locker, the four of them had me cornered. Like a band of concerned parents, they formed a semicircle and asked me to 'explain myself', so I did.


I shrugged at Louis. "Yeah, I'm certain, What's it to you?"


"Well, I mean she's... Holly Robinson." Zayn emphasised the Robinson, and I frowned. "I mean, girls like that... Aren't really the type of girls who want to get involved with you. I mean, not just in a relationship sense," He said quickly as I opened my mouth to protest for the millionth time that I didn't like her that way.


"Just, in a general sense. She's not the type of person you'd hang out with, or the type of person you'd talk to normally. I guess she's just not really your type. At all."


As much as I wanted to disagree, he was right; girls like that aren't my type. Ever. And to be honest, I wasn't even sure that I was her type either. I mean, who's to say she would even want to talk to me? I raked a hand through my hair. Why couldn't I just forget about this whole situation and get on with my life? It's not like I'll be thinking about how much Holly doesn't like me when I go out to parties and shit and preoccupy myself with some other girl there. Why don't I just try and ignore her?


Oddly, that idea didn't sit right with me either. What was it about her that practically drove me mad with curiosity? Was it the fact that, yeah, she was the only girl who didn't blush and flutter their eyelids when I walked past them? Was my ego making her the one thing on my mind this whole afternoon? Even if it was vain and pathetic of me, I was desperate to know what caused her to glare at me every time I talked to her, and what I'd done in the past that made her speak to me with nothing but that persistent 'Fuck off' attitude. I mean, in one day, I went from not knowing she existed to hating her guts, then to almost snogging her in front of all those people. Fuck, I had to get my feelings straight.


"I know it sounds crazy guys, but trust me. I'll just ask her what I did wrong and then move on with my life." I held my hands in front of me to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. They didn't even move from where they were standing. God, so much for 'trust me'. They all stared at me as I smiled at them, waiting for an answer.


"Okay," Niall's thick Irish accent broke the silence, and we all turned expectantly to him. "Let's just pretend for a minute that Harry goes and talks to this Holly girl who, let's imagine, doesn't just tell him to fuck off when he gets anywhere within a 10-foot-radius of her. Let's say she actually wants to talk. What then? You just ask her 'why are you so mean to me', and be on your merry way once she tells you? When class finished, Liam told us that you tried to kiss her. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that's what you do to someone if you're dead set on forgetting them."


I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I frowned. Was I seriously just going to forget about her? I couldn't do that! I mean, could I? Well, maybe I could. I don't know. I mean, I don't just hate her for hating me. I don't even think I hate her at all. No, Holly's just... a distraction. And not in the good kind, either. She was a distraction in a 'She's distracting me so much I can't think straight' kind of way.


I shook my head and looked up at Niall, who seemed to be completely genuine and calm at this moment in time. "Look guys, just let me talk to her, what's the worst that could happen?" They all leaped at the opportunity to tell me why.


"You could start obsessing over her if she doesn't tell you."

"She could beat you up!"

"Everyone will think you have a crush on her."

"You won't be able to stop talking about her!"

"She'll actually end up liking you and keep following you around until-"


"Okay, Okay enough!" I yelled, pushing past them and walking away. "Just give me this one chance, alright?" I waited for the excuses and warnings, but to my surprise they didn't say anything at all. I took that as a good sign. I grinned, drunk with victory and broke out into a jog. Finally, I was going to talk to Holly again! And... get some answers, of course.


"I'll see you guys tomorrow! Thanks a million!" I waved and they all shook their heads and glanced nervously at one another. I turned around and tried to remember where her locker was. When I heard her say my name in the hallway this morning, where was she standing? I pushed past about a dozen people before I got there, pointing and murmuring to myself like a lunatic. Once I arrived at the top of the hallway I'd seen her in, I walked right up to her locker, wondering whether or not I missed her. I looked around, seeing if there was someone I could talk to who might've seen her, or someone who she knew, or something that-


"Hey Harry!" The loud, high-pitched voice erupting from behind me almost burst my fucking eardrum. I sighed in frustration and turned around to meet the voice, flashing a smile. 


Immediately I remembered her. She was at someone's best mate's New Years party and we hooked up. I thought I was pissed out of my mind but apparently I still remembered her name, so that was a start."Oh hey Grace! What are you doing here?"


She giggled and tossed her hair off of one shoulder, sending a wave of perfume towards me. I coughed slightly at the stench as she twirled a strand of hair around her finger. "Oh, y'know, my locker's over the other side of the room, and I saw you walking over here and thought 'Omg, it's Harry! I have to go talk to him!" I forced myself to keep smiling. She had to? I interrupted her just before she went on to talk about something else that was mind-numbingly bland. 


"Um, did you see Holly Robinson by any chance? I know her locker's here, but maybe she left or something. I dunno, did you catch her, at all?" Grace looked at me strangely once I'd finished. I sighed. Why did everyone find it that weird that I wanted to talk to Holly?


"Uhh, yeah, she went into the bathroom with Demi a few seconds ago. She'll probably be out in a few, Why? Are you two like... I dunno, you're not a thing, are you? I mean if you are then that's... that's totally fine, I mean pfft! I don't care at all! But, like... are you?" I shook my head, which seemed to calm her down a bit. "No," I smiled. "We're just... Science partners." 


Holly's POV


I looked into the grubby, cracked bathroom mirror whilst I brushed my eyelashes with the mascara that Demi lended me from her bag, trying to ignore her eyes burning into the back of my head. I had just finished explaining to her what had happened in History, and I swear she almost had a heart attack from all the gasping and squealing she was doing. "He tried to KISS YOU? My god, Holly, you are such a tease! The best part is you rejected him!" Demi jumped up and down on the yellow tiles, laughing and squealing excitedly. I tried to calm her down by shushing her and placing my hands on her shoulders, shoving her mascara back into her bag, grabbing my glasses in the process.


"Demi, I don't like him. At all. Yeah, he's fit, but he's also a player. Besides, he probably doesn't even like me either. I mean, c'mon, look at me! Why would a guy like that have a crush on a girl like me anyways? It's unheard of, it's the UFO of high school relationships." I tried to turn towards the door, but Demi grabbed my arm and turned me towards the mirror. "Ow!" I yelped but she barely even blinked. 


"Holly, I AM looking at you. Look at yourself, for once. You're gorgeous, don't you see it?" I looked into the mirror and sighed. My hair was falling out of it's ponytail and frizzing all over my head. My jumper, whilst comfortable, didn't really do me any favours looks-wise. And even though I liked my glasses, everyone else probably hated them. Demi smiled, assuming I'd actually liked what I saw. 


"I can't believe you thought he wouldn't 'have a crush on a girl like you'. What does that even mean! I swear, if you actually showed off that sexy body of yours, and actually made an effort to be noticed guys would be fawning all over you!" She swivelled me so that I was facing her. I looked up sheepishly and she smiled. "You don't see how gorgeous you are because other people don't see it. And other people don't see it because you keep yourself buried behind all these layers of clothes and your books and messy hair! Harry fucking Styles tried to kiss you, Holly, and he's not one for kissing ugly people, period."


I laughed and Demi ushered me out the door. I admit, I felt somewhat better, but I tried to push the conversation out of my mind before counting tiles again. I walked towards my locker as I normally did, counting 15 black tiles from the bathroom and four more white ones to my locker, until I almost jumped out of my skin. I saw two pair of feet about five tiles away, where my locker usually was. I realised, after a moment's confusion, that there were people standing in front of my locker. 


Demi gasped for the hundredth time today and I looked up to see what all the commotion was about. I mean, it couldn't be anyone special could it. As soon as my head was level, I locked eyes with the green-eyed man whore. What was he doing here? Surely he wasn't waiting for me? I turned to girl next to him and estimated that there was a pretty solid explanation for why he was here. Grace was standing there, short shorts, bandeau, leather jacket and all. She looked terrible desperate; practically throwing herself at Harry. It made sense though, I'd heard some people in the hallway a few months ago talking about how they hooked up at a New Year's party. It's funny, the things you remember these days. Apparently it was quite the scandal, too.


Demi patted my shoulder and began to walk off, as I tried (and failed) to pull her back and keep her with me. "I'll leave you to it, Hols." she ran away giggling and left me alone to deal with whatever was going on here. I took a deep breath and walked towards them both.


"Uh, sorry to interrupt," I squeaked, blushing already. They both turned their heads towards me and I looked away, embarrassed. "I just have to grab my bag from my locker, the one just behind you. I won't be too long though, I'm just grabbing a few books." I peeked up at them through my eyelashes as they moved to the side to let me through. Grace, annoyed at the disturbance I had caused, waved goodbye to Harry. As I got my things, Harry didn't actually move or say anything, just kept looking at me. I stole confused glances at him as I gathered my Maths books and slid them into my baby blue backpack. Closing my locker, I slung the slim straps over my shoulders and turned to face him. 


"Aren't you going to go talk to Grace? She seemed pretty into you."


"Actually, Holly, I came here to talk to you." he grinned, and I stared at him puzzled. I was extremely confused. Is this one of his sick games he plays when he wants to get with a girl? No, he wasn't trying to get with me. Then again, I've heard stories about guys asking out girls that were 'ugly' to see if they'd say yes. For fun, apparently. 


His smile fell as I continued to stare, dumbfounded and shocked. Guys like that don't try to kiss girls like me. Guys like that never mean anything but trouble.  "What do you mean, talk to me?" I asked. "What Could you possibly have to say to me?"


He started to say something, but then stopped. He just looked at me. And looked at me. And looked at me some more. He looked at me the way he looked at me in that god forsaken doorway; when he almost kissed me. I scoffed lightly at the memory and looked away, intimidated by his stare. It was strange, the way he was acting. Like he was going to say something, but didn't really want to leave so soon. Which would be odd, since it's me he's talking to.


"How are you getting home?" Harry blurted out unexpectedly, just as I was about to turn and walk away. Still confused, I shrugged at him, "I'm walking." he nodded, like it was something he seemed to agree to. I backed away slightly. He was weirding me out. I was starting to lean towards the 'Ugly Girl Seduction' excuse a lot more. Annoyed at the thought I was possibly just some game to the greedy Harry Styles, I pushed my shoulders back and looked up at him, straight in the eye. "What about you, Styles?" I started. "Don't you have somewhere, anywhere else to be?"


He laughed at this, which only made me angrier. "No, I'm walking too." His eyes lit up unexpectedly. "Why don't I walk you home?" 


"What?" I spat, eyes widening. Harry backed off a little bit, slightly hurt more than anything. Which was really surprising, considering what I thought he was doing here. "You want to walk me home? After you wait all this time just to 'talk' to me?" He nodded, and it was his turn to be sheepish. "If you honestly think I'm just some pathetic, ugly girl that you can manipulate and use whenever you like-"


Harry cut me off suddenly, placing his hands on my hips in reaction to what I said. Like he was completely disagreeing with me, and trying to calm me down, which... totally didn't do anything. No, Of course not.


"Holly! What do you mean? Yeah, I know I don't talk to you much, but I guess I just want to get to know you better. I mean, as serious as you probably were in first period, you were pretty funny. But ugly? Where the hell did you get that idea from? Holly, you're-" He bit his lip to stop himself from saying any more, and it was now my turn for me to look at him. And look at him. And look some more.


My stomach felt... comfortably different. His hands were so gentle against my waist, and it was his touch had sent shivers down my spine, echoing & reverberating through my skin, releasing an immense swarm of butterflies to flutter furiously inside of me. I was blushing again, because it was almost like he was going to call me beautiful. No boy had ever come close to calling me beautiful before. He was so near me now! I could smell him, and just his scent was enough to send me into a daze. I couldn't think straight, and all I could see clearly in the midst of it all were those bright, shining emerald eyes, gazing back into mine.


My eyes travelled around his face and paused on his soft, delicate lip being trapped and pulled between his teeth. I found myself blatantly staring at his mouth, darting my tongue out to wet my own pair of lips. He looked down at my mouth and back into my eyes, hesitant but greedy. It was conflicting for me, to say the least; Not wanting to move but not wanting to stay so far away from him any longer. God, the things that were going through my head. So many things that I could do... So many things I wanted to do to him right now. I gingerly raised my hand to cup his face, just to see what it felt like. To touch that rough stubble around his chin, to trace my hand along his jawline, to feel the heat radiating from his reddening cheeks. The edge of his lips curled up into a lazy smile as he nuzzled into my hand, inviting and warm.


He placed his palm on top of my hand, bending his head inwards and revelling in my caress. He let his other hand, still on my hips, slide ever-so-slowly up my side, cupping my breast briefly and causing me to sharply inhale at the foreign... enjoyment I felt. I closed my eyes, unravelling myself into the pleasure he was giving me. He moved up towards my face and pushed a strand of hair behind my cheek, his fingertips barely there yet leaving a ghostly imprint into my cheekbone. I found myself leaning in, craving for the feeling of those soft lips moving with mine. He was so close now, I could taste the sweetness of his breath-


"No canoodling in the halls, please." Ms Baker strode past us and tapped Harry on the shoulder. I opened my eyes, and I finally realised what I was doing. I almost let myself fall for him. "Shit", I murmured, as Harry looked at me with 'genuine' concern. I pulled away from him, turned on my heel and tried to walk as far as I possibly could get. Harry groaned and hurried to catch up with me. He tried to put a hand on my shoulder to slow me down but I shoved it off and walked faster. He kept calling my name, but I didn't make any intentions to slow down. 


Once we were outside the school, he ran in front of me and put both of his hands on my shoulders, trying to hold me back. "Why do you hate me so much Holly! What the fuck did I ever do to you? All I did was fucking sit next to you in science and you just scowled at me and went bat shit crazy! It's like nothing I've seen before!" He shook me desperately, trying to get an answer from me. I looked away, terrified of what he would do next. "Why are you doing this to me?"


"I'm sorry." I choked out. He looked so hurt, so desperate. Was that what he came here for in the first place? No, I doubt he cared that much about what I thought of him. I looked up at Harry anxiously and he swore under his breath, taking his hands off of my shoulders and striding forwards. He pulled at his curls, and I began to wonder how often he did that. My feet carried me towards him and after several minutes of walking, I decided I had to say something. I struggled to think of what I should say, should I ask about the weather, school? There was so much tension around us, it seemed so petty.


"So, where do you live?" I said hopefully, and he looked at me, stunned that I would say something so outrageously irrelevant when there was so much else to be said. "24 Kelly street." He murmured, annoyed. "What did I do to you to deserve all this?"


"You're kidding! 24 Kelly street? Who would've thought-" Harry cut me off again, too preoccupied with his thoughts to wait.


"Y'know I don't think I've ever spoken to you before today. I mean sure, I knew you were there, but barely." 


"I live on 23 Smith's street. Did you know that? And believe it or not-"


"I've never spoken to you in all my life, yet now I have I can't get enough of you. You're just... You're just messing with my head, Holly. I've never before noticed you, how come? You've always been so close, yet so far away-"


"No shit! I live behind your house!" I almost yelled. Harry stopped, processing my outburst. He didn't know whether this was a good thing, or a bad thing. We both fell silent for a few moments, and I could hear his laboured breath through the wind.


"All these years... and we never even noticed. How come? I always remember there being so much noise... And when I went to school... not a glimpse of you." I stared off into the street. We'd just reached a fork in the road, one street was my street, and one was Harry's. I felt him turn towards me, and I held my arms and looked at my feet.


"Maybe if you looked up once in awhile, you'd realise that all you had to do was... Say something!" He shouted, and began to storm off, down Kelly lane.


"Well you could've tried looking... a-and listening for once in your miserable life because I was always there too, and I never meant, and never will, mean a thing to you, Harry!" I chased after him, clenching my fists into tight balls. I grabbed his wrist and spun him around so that he was facing me. He wanted answers, I thought. I'll give them to him. Short and Simple.


"You have everyone wrapped around your finger, and you don't even care! How could I like, or even tolerate, someone as heartless as you? You would take my heart RIGHT out of my chest and throw it away when you got bored. And then all I'd ever be to you was a number on your tally. You're just... just a Heartbreaker You see? And that..." I glared at him, all the anger from today boiling up inside of me "Is why I HATE you, Harry Styles!"


He stood there, hurt and still, while I madly ran back home. 


OOOOOO! Drama! What do you guys think so far? Holly and Harry almost kissed! AGAIN! DISCUSS! Leave a comment, and same rules apply, get the chance to be featured in my story. Bye! XX












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