That was a secret

Jasmine being Alex's little sister has perks. She has a little crush on Austin, of course everyone does. Seems there is a lot of plot twists and unexpected news throughout their rises to fame. Laughs, jokes, tears, and all of this drama because she fell in love with her brothers best friend.


1. (1) Meet us!

    See that girl up there yeah that's me.  Jasmine Constancio, yeah yeah I know Alex Constancio.  He's my big brother.  Cant live with him but I also can't live without him.  Okay so about me hmm what should you know....... Okay to start off I'm a freshman making me 15.  I was born on August 8th, Summer baby.  I was born in texas so I love the longhorns!  My favorite colors has to be red and blue cause they make purple lol uhm what else uhm im weird, judge me I honestly don't care.  I'm a single pringle and im definitely ready to jingle.  My idol has to be Selena Gomez I mean come on who doesn't love her.  My guy idol has to be Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars I love them both.  Okay so Alex is my older brother, he lives in Miami now which sucks because I never get to see him anymore.  Did I mention his best friend is Austin Mahone, no well he is hot.  Not gonna lie I have had a crush on him since I was like 7 and he was 9.  I never see him anymore but I listen to his music.  Anyways hmmmm what am I forgetting oh yeah duh my best friends, so theres Madison, Zoua, and of course Gabriel.  Uhm one more thing I do sing on youtube but don't tell people im just a little shy so shhhh.



Hey ya'll im Madison.  Yeah that's right my hair is blue you can hate cause I don't give a shit.  Anyways im born on March 12th.  I am currently 16 and im gonna be a freshman.  Okay me and Jasmine have been friends since forever.  We met Zoua and Gabriel like 5 years ago.  Okay my favorite colors are purple, blue, green and ANYTHING neon.. lol.. okay uhm my idol is Katy perry I mean come on she's amazing.  My guy idol well I have 5 of them and they're ONE DIRECTION.  I'm single but crushin.  Lol uhm I get straight A's and did I mention that I LOVE the longhorns.  Well duh im from texas.  I love scary movies and that's pretty much me so yeah bye ya'll.(:


Hey peoples im Zoua.  I was born on July 6th,  Im 15 and im gonna be 16 in like a week.  Uhm my favorite color is BLUE!  I was born in texas and my brother is Gabriel well step brother.  Not blood, he is more of my best friend.  Im a single pringle and im ready to mingle.  Lol im weird and I LOVE FOOD.  Do you have food cause if you do I volunteer as tribute for it.  I don't have any crush im just riding on the single train choo coo.  Lol like I said im weird well I guess that's how we all became friends.  We all know Jasmine can sing she just never sings.  We also make fun of her because she likes her brothers best friend Austin Mahone I think.  Ive only met him like 3 times and he seems pretty cool.  Okay so my idols are katy perry and ONE DIRECTION.  Me and Madison have a lot in common lol well this is weird so bye.


Hey, Gabriel here.  I was born on October 5th.  I'm Currently 16 and my favorite color is green.  I have braces.  They're not that bad.  I have a step sister named Zoua.  She is more like my best friend tho.  Only guy that hangs out with guys.. wrong I have guy friends but I normally hang out with Jasmine, Madison, and Zoua.  Single but crushin on my future wife Selena Gomez.  That's right she's gonna marry me... lol uhm that's all about me soooo bye!


Hey so you probably know me if not I'm Alex Constancio.  I was born on July 11th.  I'm 18 now gosh I feel old.  Anyways my favorite color is red.  I have a little sister Jasmine or Jazzy.  I haven't seen her in like a year.  I have been traveling with Austin my best friend.  I asked her if she wanted to visit Miami but she said no.  You would think that she would say yes since she has a crush on Austin.  I find it funny tbh.  Okay anyways time for another show then flying to Texas for the Fourth of July.  My sister doesn't know so I'm gonna surprise her.

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