This is my second diary, filled with little quirks, riddles and poems. Feelings come with in, what deepest secrets are you hiding?


2. September 24 2015 - morning

Has Love ever pounce on you? Make you look like a stumbling idiot, when the feeling swamps over you. They compliment you and you can barely get the words out, "Thank you," But you end up spluttering, "Thanks I like yours too." Or something like that. You stalk that person for hours over social media, procrastinating homework and other responsibility's. You go to event that they take part in, just to see them and hopefully talk for a few minutes afterward. You try to play it cool, telling yourself that your time will come. But then your heart breaks, he likes someone else. You act like every thing is fine, while you are still trying to get your ducks in a row. After a few days of this, you decide that love is a trap. Something you can never really have, something that ruins your entire universe. 

Yet you push through. You move on, making your mark in this world. You don't care about love and focus on getting the best job, best position, etc But not me.... I will wait. I will wait my entire life for someone I care about. I will have always one egg in their basket, waiting. I will be always happy for him, wishing the best. I always will.

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