This is my second diary, filled with little quirks, riddles and poems. Feelings come with in, what deepest secrets are you hiding?


1. September 18 2015


Do you know what it feels like? Drowning? Drowning under all the expectations and standards? Drowning under all the weight on your shoulders? All the weight you put on yourself? On some days do you feel like giving up? Releasing that burden and will not care about anything? You say your going to do it, but you can't bring yourself to do it? You say things will change, there will be different outcome, yet you know its not true. Some of you try different tatics and stratergies, hiping to change the awnser. We wallow in our own depression, sinking alone in the ocean. We are slowly slipping out of humanity's reach and into the coldness. Can one find true happieness? Can one find true love? Can we climb out of the hole we made? Can we swim to the other side? No. Your cna't. You created iron bars with other people as barriers to prevent your escape. Other people have affected your life, just like you have for them. What type of parents did you have when you grew up? What secrets does your family hold. Will you die with them. Will you spend your time wallowin in the injustice of your parents. Death is always a few steps away. Just a few more steps and you'll reach the other side. What will you find? Will you see the true religion or is that a myth too? Will you regret dying, wishing to go back in time. That is up to you as much as it is for my own. Death so cold, yet welcoming. Life plentiful with hope, will it change or follow course.

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