mint frappucino

"I just don't get how people can have a cold frappucino in the morning, but not some damn coffee or tea!" you spoke with exaggeration as you moved your arms.

I sit back with the green straw on my pulled up lips. I giggle at your little ranting and begin to take a sip of my cold mint frappucino.

This conversation was quite ridiculous, but at the same time I enjoyed listening to you. You had stopped talking, staring straight at me as if you expected me to share my opinion. I put my drink aside on the small bar table and said, "Let's face it. We're polar opposites."

"So I'm too hot for you?" you asked with a smirk, which is soon dropped as I open my mouth to speak.

"More like... I'm too cool for you."


11. winter

"Winter get your cute, little ass up and go to work woman!" shouted Zayn as I groaned and refused to get out of bed.

I had told my boss yesterday to give me the day off so I could get some work done at home. Turns out Zayn was having Liam over and was planning to decorate the house with some pumpkin scented candles and to use my flat screen tv so they can watch some gay-lesbian porn.

"Winter I'm trying to seduce Liam, and it won't work if you keep your sorry ass in this house!" he shouted as I chuckled. I raised my head and spoke with my eyes closed.

"You're just scared that I'll steal Liam from you. I mean its pretty obvious how he gets a boner every time he sees me." Zayn groaned out of annoyance and smacked me with a pillow. I didn't realize I was on the edge of the bed until fell off.

"Out now!" he said with a pout on his face. I rubbed my eyes a little and raised my hands in defense.

"Can't believe I'm being kicked out of my own house." I muttered as he stood there waiting. He rolled his eyes as he pointed towards the door once more.

"Alright, fine. Now leave so I can change-" he cut me off with a 'thank you' as I said, "...into some lingerie so I can make Liam get an even bigger boner."

He screeched as he stomped his foot, making me laugh. I soon got ready and left the house.


I had gotten off the metro and was brought into the town square, looking around to see what I should do. Before I left the house I had a Nutella-Banana sandwich so Starbucks is out of the question. I had the day off so I couldn't just go to work. I normally hated shopping so none of these boutiques would work either.

I felt something vibrate in my pocket and took out my phone to see Niall texting me.

IrishPotato: mum where u at??

Me: I'm not that old geez ni

IrishPotato: ik but u have the same small height as me mum

Me: imma smack u

IrishPotato: sorry

IrishPotato: I'm at Starbucks.. join meh

Me: I'm right down the street be there in a min

I close my phone and walk to the Starbucks. I guess another day there wouldn't kill me.


"For a minute you sure do take a while to get here." said Niall as we stood in line together to order.

"Shut up, white boy, I have short legs and I can't be like speedy Gonzalez." I sassed as he raised his hands in defense and laughed.

We came up to the counter where a new employee was working. What happened to Mark?

I shrugged it off and looked at the tag to see a guy named Harry. As Niall ordered our drinks I checked him out a bit to see he had a mop of long curly hair put into a ponytail, and he also had such electric green eyes.

We then moved out of the line and waited for our names to be called.

"I can't believe our drinks are free!" cheered Niall as my eyes widened.

"Wait, what?" now that got my attention.

"Harry he said it was on the house! How awesome is he?!" said Niall as our names were called.

He grabbed his drink, but when mine
was put on the counter there a small note attached to it, written in such elegant hand writing.

Would you care to be mine? Please don't let me die like Leonardo did in Gatsby.

I gasped as I read the sentence. I soon left Niall and ran to the book shelf where I saw you sitting there with a warm cup of tea.

I smiled as you looked at me with the brightest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

"You did this for me?" I asked.

"I know it's not much, but it's the little things that count." you said as you shrugged your shoulders. You smirked as my face heated up. You stood up from your seat, putting our drinks down on the table as you grabbed my hands.

"Likes her drinks cold, but yet she has the warmest heart." you said as I stared into your eyes.

"So what do you say? Be mine?" you asked once more.

I smiled as I cupped your cheeks and brought lips down onto yours. It molded so perfectly as we smiled into the kiss. I heard wolf whistling and laughter as we broke the kiss.

I turn around to see Niall clapping and joking, "This all happened because of me, you ungrateful animals."

We laughed as we saw Harry stand next to him with his apron off. He smirked as he said, "Nice one, Tommo! She's hot."

"But her drinks are so cold." you joked as I wrapped my hands around your waist, as you wrapped yours around my shoulder.

the end


A/N Well that's the end of my short story. How was it? Should I make more short stories? Also I apologize for this cheesy ending, but for once I just didn't want a evil plot twist.

Please don't forget to vote, comment, and share. Thanks fallen angels.


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