mint frappucino

"I just don't get how people can have a cold frappucino in the morning, but not some damn coffee or tea!" you spoke with exaggeration as you moved your arms.

I sit back with the green straw on my pulled up lips. I giggle at your little ranting and begin to take a sip of my cold mint frappucino.

This conversation was quite ridiculous, but at the same time I enjoyed listening to you. You had stopped talking, staring straight at me as if you expected me to share my opinion. I put my drink aside on the small bar table and said, "Let's face it. We're polar opposites."

"So I'm too hot for you?" you asked with a smirk, which is soon dropped as I open my mouth to speak.

"More like... I'm too cool for you."


10. winter

It was day seven, leaving me wondering on what happened to you. I don't know why you didn't show up yesterday, but I do know that I felt a bit heartbroken. I told myself not to get so worked up over a guy, but it's not like you were some regular guy.

You were Louis, and you mean so much more to me. I don't know why I feel this certain longing feeling for you, but I can tell you that it makes me both excited and terrified.

Yesterday was quite a blur for me. I spent my whole Sunday waiting for you in the shop, hoping we could pick up were we left off before your ex-girlfriend showed up, but you never showed.

It was now Monday morning again and there was still no sign of you. I sighed as I picked my drink and left the shop. I didn't even continue with my reading for it no longer mattered to me.

Work wasn't going to be as fun, knowing that I won't have a funny joke of yours stuck in my mind.


Louis' POV

"So wait you want me to be your wing man tomorrow?" asked Niall as he ate his fourth slice of pizza.

It was Monday and I felt guilty for not showing up yesterday at the shop. After El left us on Saturday I had been thinking about you non-stop.

"Yes, Niall. Now are you in or not?" I asked him as he put on his thinking face. He then giggled and said, "Sure, but how am I going to help?"

"Well I'm hoping that you'll help lure her into going to the shop tomorrow 'cause I having a feeling she's not going to go anymore." I explain. I might be a guy, but I have younger sisters back home, and I know pretty well on how girls think and act.

"Okay, but who is she? What does she look like?" he asks as I take my phone out and go to her contact. I remember how we swapped numbers, and to be honest I went home doing a happy dance that day, knowing we'd stay close.

I handed my phone over to Niall and his eyes widened as he dropped it and stood up.

"Hey! That's my best friend, Winter!" he shouted as my eyes widened.

"Niall that's great! You can just ask her to join you for Starbucks then!" I tell him as my smile grows so big that my eyes and nose crinkle.

"Not a problem, Tommo, but you're paying for my drink." he said as he took his hand out for me to shake.

I nod my head and spit on my hand as I smash it onto yours, while you grew a disgusted look on your face.

"You Englishmen, I swear!" you cursed as I laughed. You began wiping you hand onto my shirt as I swatted you away.

"I have a few words about you Irishmen as well, Horan." I finished as I started planning out my schedule for tomorrow.


A/N I know this chapter is a bit too short, but it's more like a filter chapter, leading its way to the last chapter.

Anyways I'm failing Spanish and I could really use a berry smoothie to cheer myself up. Lol


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