mint frappucino

"I just don't get how people can have a cold frappucino in the morning, but not some damn coffee or tea!" you spoke with exaggeration as you moved your arms.

I sit back with the green straw on my pulled up lips. I giggle at your little ranting and begin to take a sip of my cold mint frappucino.

This conversation was quite ridiculous, but at the same time I enjoyed listening to you. You had stopped talking, staring straight at me as if you expected me to share my opinion. I put my drink aside on the small bar table and said, "Let's face it. We're polar opposites."

"So I'm too hot for you?" you asked with a smirk, which is soon dropped as I open my mouth to speak.

"More like... I'm too cool for you."


6. winter

It was my third day going to work. It was early in the morning, around five and I couldn't force myself to go back to sleep.

I ended up dreaming about the mysterious guy. My entire dream was based off the memory I had gotten of you from yesterday.

I had gotten out of bed around five-thirty and showered. I brushed my teeth, my hair and let it naturally dry into its dark red color. I applied only a little bit of mascara and got dressed.

My outfit consisted of an old Pink Floyd shirt, blue jeans, my hightop converse and a blue leather jacket to finish it off.

I made my bed and put aside my sketches that Zayn had taught me a while ago. I was also quite artistic, I sketched, sculpted, and painted as a hobby.

Though my true or rather stronger passion was in music and computers. I was hired to work at the small recording studio, Skull Records, down in the town square. It was established just a few years ago and is now considered a huge record label.

I smiled to myself at the thought of heading over to work and recording some new artist's music. Adding some remixes and fixing their audio tone just a bit as I created their new album.

I walked out of my room and headed straight to small kitchen where I found Zayn sitting at the bar, scrolling through his phone. I walk past him, confused on whether I was still mad at him or not. I look over towards the sink and notice how none of the dirty plates from yesterday were still there. I look back at Zayn and breathe out a quiet 'thank you'.

He nods his head and soon asks, "We good?"

I nod my head with a smile and reply, "Yes."

I then open the fridge and notice that we're completely out of food (unless you count some wasabi and hot sauce as food).

I sigh and ask, "Who's turn is it to go grocery shopping?"

Zayn looks up from his phone and says, "Let me. It's the least I could do after everything."

I nod my head and sit next to him at the bar. I look over to see him sending flirty texts to Liam. I smile even wider and say, "You guys are too cute!"

He smiles at my compliment and soon puts his phone down. He clutches his stomach and says, "I'm famished."

I smile and say, "Care to join me for some Starbucks?"

He thinks about it and soon answers with a slight nod. I'm guessing he doesn't need to head off to the gallery today.

I get off the bar stool and run to the front door, grabbing my keys, phone and bag.

Zayn comes over and wraps a scarf around his neck and puts on his black leather jacket.

"I could so go for another mint frappucino." I tell him as we walk out and lock the door.

"It's cold today and you're going to have a cold drink?" he asks rather shocked. I show him a proud smile and say, "Yes, yes I am."


We walk into the warm cafe, letting Zayn pay for the drinks after having a small race from the metro to the shop. I won the race thanks to my fast running ability.

Zayn heads over to the cash register as I sit by the book shelf, grabbing the Great Gatsby and continuing with the story.

"Gatsby? Good choice." said a voice. I look up to see the handsome man from yesterday.

I smile and say, "It's my first time reading it."

He smiles back as he holds a warm cup of tea in his hands.

He was about to say something, but was cut off with Zayn sitting next to me, handing me my drink.

I look back to you, but you were no longer there. I frown as Zayn asks, "What's wrong?"

I decide to shrug it off and say, "Nothing."


A/N My sister's progress report came today and I'm just like, "OOOH IS SHE FAILING OR WHAT?"

Haha I'm a horrible person. Ooh I also finally watched the Maze Runner, and it was really good. I want to watch Scorch Trials now.
Dylan and Thomas are bae af and I'm now having a lot of tingly feels. Lmao


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