mint frappucino

"I just don't get how people can have a cold frappucino in the morning, but not some damn coffee or tea!" you spoke with exaggeration as you moved your arms.

I sit back with the green straw on my pulled up lips. I giggle at your little ranting and begin to take a sip of my cold mint frappucino.

This conversation was quite ridiculous, but at the same time I enjoyed listening to you. You had stopped talking, staring straight at me as if you expected me to share my opinion. I put my drink aside on the small bar table and said, "Let's face it. We're polar opposites."

"So I'm too hot for you?" you asked with a smirk, which is soon dropped as I open my mouth to speak.

"More like... I'm too cool for you."


8. louis

Day number four and you still showed up to the cafe. This time you had come alone, and for some odd reason I felt relief.

I'm not sure why, maybe I was jealous or maybe I'm starting to feel protective over you. I've been confused ever since yesterday, after I left the cafe. My conversation with Niall was literally running through my head like an overplayed radio song.

"You seem whipped, mate." answered Niall. My eyes widened at what he said as I hysterically laughed. I probably looked like the joker at this point.

"What do you mean?" I asked, running my fingers through my messy, fringed hair.

"Well for starters you can't stop thinking about her, and you only go to the cafe just to see her." he explains as he points at his two fingers.

"Not true. I used to go there all the time." I argue back.

"Yeah when you and El were still together." he says with an eye roll. At that moment a gasp escapes my lips as I realized that he was right.

"I hate it when you're right." I say with a chuckle.

"No, you don't. Now how about some ice, cold beer." he says with a smile as we get off the couch and head to the kitchen.

He opens the fridge and scans it as he hums to a song. He then stops humming and says, "What was this girl's name?"

I shrugged my shoulders as he face palmed himself.

"Bloody hell, the least you could've done was ask what her name was!

"Didn't you listen to the baristas when they called her for her drink?" he asked with an unbelievable expression.

I sheepishly smiled and said, "I was distracted."

"Nice save, Tommo." he laughed.

"But seriously if you're worried she isn't single then at least be friends, since you're so obsessed." he continues as I think about it.

At least be friends.

Niall was right for the second time yesterday. Which only makes me want to smack my head against the wall.

After I had ordered my hot tea I decided to walk over to you and take a seat right next to you by the bookshelf. You looked up with a your beautiful, warm eyes and smiled sharing a quiet 'hello'.

I felt myself become a tad nervous and say, "Hello, what's your name?"

Shit, Louis you came out too strong! You should've started with a normal conversation.

At this moment, I wouldn't have been surprised if you got up and walked away. But instead you surprised me by slowly closing your book and saying, "Winter. And you?"

I smile and stutter, "Tomlinson."

"Your first name I meant Tomlinson." you said with a giggle. I blush slightly and say, "My name's Louis."

Your smile grew wider as you said, "Nice name. I like it a lot."

"Same, very unique name." I returned the compliment as it was now your turn to blush.

"I would like to apologize for just disappearing yesterday, but I thought I should've let you enjoyed your date with your boyfriend." I said as your eyes widened. You then started to laugh, making me feel very confused.

"Zayn? Oh he's not my boyfriend, he's my roommate." you explain as I feel relief. Wait, why do you live with a guy?

"Let me guess you're thinking why do I live with a guy?" you asked. As I sheepishly smiled and said, "Was it that obvious?"

"No more like, you were thinking out loud." you said as I turned red as a beet.

"Sorry." I mutter as you smile and say that it's alright.

"Now the reason why we live together is 'cause we're best friends, and because he's gay." you explained as my eyes widened slightly. I didn't know whether to feel shocked or relieved that you were single.

I smile brightly and our conversation begins to set off in the right direction.


A/N Awe yay they finally get to speak together. I'm really enjoying writing this short story. Maybe I should do more stories like it.

Tell me what you think. Thank you.

~ tommosfallen_angel

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