mint frappucino

"I just don't get how people can have a cold frappucino in the morning, but not some damn coffee or tea!" you spoke with exaggeration as you moved your arms.

I sit back with the green straw on my pulled up lips. I giggle at your little ranting and begin to take a sip of my cold mint frappucino.

This conversation was quite ridiculous, but at the same time I enjoyed listening to you. You had stopped talking, staring straight at me as if you expected me to share my opinion. I put my drink aside on the small bar table and said, "Let's face it. We're polar opposites."

"So I'm too hot for you?" you asked with a smirk, which is soon dropped as I open my mouth to speak.

"More like... I'm too cool for you."


1. author's note

I just have a few rules and warnings.

•No stealing or copying my story, and posting it on other sites. (I can tell when it goes on other sites because I also go on other reading sites.)
•Feel free to comment and vote if you'd like, but please no trash talking on other people's comments. (If someone has a different opinion they have the right to share it.)

•Author's notes where I either rant or fangirl. (Beware!)
•Slow updates. (Not my fault school is a pain in the...)

Other than that I hope you guys enjoy this story! Love you!

~ TommosFallen_Angel

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