Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


7. Update!!

Hey . It's been a while. So I guess I should explain myself. First off, I'm lazy. Second, to be honest, I totally forgot about this series. I feel like I’ve gotten better so I’m not going to continue this story after this chapter. This is probably going to be the last chapter in this series because I want to try and do some other thing. Still deciding if the Ginny Weasley story would be good but I recently became a fan of The Walking Dead and am OBSESSED! I might make something out of that so keep your eyes peeled. So I don’t really know what I what to do. Maybe I’ll just write a random non fandom short story because I these really good stories in my brain that I just constantly think about and i think they could be really good! But I don’t really know what I’m going to do. After this series I want to brainstorm new ideas so yah. I really like making myself as a character and then placing myself in a series so idk. But anyway, if u still are following after almost a year, thank you for being loyal and faithful. I truly appreciate it. Anyways enough talking, let's FINALLY write this last chapter!!!!!

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