Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


1. Introduction

Hey guys! This is my first book I have written so I decided to do a Harry Potter Truth or Dare series. If you guys like this then I will write some more with other series like Percy Jackson or The Books of Beginning (if you have never heard of those book series then I suggest to go check them out because they are AMAZING!......sorry I fangirl a lot!). In the next chapter I will have a list of all the characters in this book and if you happen to notice that I missed a person, just tell me in the comments below. Also, comment truths and dares for me to write about and I will acknowledge you at the end of the chapter. If I do not see any comments then I will come up with one myself but trust me, it will be more fun for you, as the readers, to be apart of this book along with me. Lastly, leave me comments on how I can improve the book for you guys (since this is only my first time doing this and I am a the noobie). I will try to read all your comments but for the truths or dares I will choice randomly to make it fair for everyone else. After that long intro, let us start on Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

*I do not own any book series above. I'm just a fan that wants to write fan fiction about these topics*

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