Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


8. Chapter Five

Emma was devastated. She felt like she was being torn into two pieces. Ever since she had chased Harry up the stairs and lost him, she had locked herself in the Room of Requirements. She had everything she ever needed. If she got hungry, the room granted her with a warm meal. If she got bored, endless amounts of books were given to her. She had her own bedroom and bathroom to use at her leisure. Emma swore that room even talked to her, but she was probably going insane. However, she had asked for a friend and a sweet, soothing voice that reminded her of her mother responded. She vented out her fears, problems, and insecurities to the voice. It always listened to every word and gave her advice one what to do.

“It has been four months since you came here, Emma. I can hear outside these walls and people are really worried. They think you ran off back to America.”

“Good. I want them to forget me, Remi,” responded Emma. She had named the voice because she always used it for her remedy to escape from her thoughts. The blue flames were almost obsolete, only coming when she refused to talk to Remi and got lost in her thoughts.

Emma had made it a goal of hers to figure out a way to free her mother without sacrificing Harry. Emma had talked to the hooded man the first couple days she arrived here. She now knew why he was so keen in capturing Harry. Apparently, Harry had been inches away from death so many times in his life and death felt cheated. He always said that he had made it more difficult because of his cloak, but Emma never made much sense of it. She cared for both her mother and Harry and could not decide between them. She had tried asking Remi but she was, ironically, no use. Remi couldn’t help her with her own decision.

Somedays, Death would not be at the post and Emma could talk to her mother. She had been removed from the post but was still chained up. Sweat was usually dripping down her face but she never looked hungry or ill. She normally looked uncomfortable. Emma’s mother informed Emma that she was leaving her second job and was going to her third when she passed out. She woke up here and the first thing she saw was Ena Hollis chained next to her. The two of them talked and Ena had the same experience and Emma’s mother. She was being taken from the death eaters, passed out, and arrived here. She was able to watch Emma fight off the rest of them and told Emma’s mom about the magical world and how she had raised Emma while her mother was gone. Both didn’t have a clue who the man was or why he had chosen them.

Other days, Death was the only person around. He would always ask the same type of questions, “Who was your father? Do you remember him? Why can you raise the dead? Where is he now?” Emma always replied the same way, “I don’t know and if you're so curious why don’t you ask my mom!” She became even more curious about her father and the questions sparked a new passion to test her abilities. She tried to summon her father’s spirit to see if he was dead but she could feel his presence. She assumed he was still alive. But why was Death so interested in him?

Today, however, the questions changed. “If you do not bring me Harry Potter in the next twenty-four hours, you will never see, hear, or speak to your mother and this old bat again!” So Emma, naturally, ran to her room and begged Remi for advice.

“It’s okay, Emma. Everything will be alright. I know you are upset and no one has seen you for four months. You’ve had your birthday here and you looked a lot different than the first time we met. You may not like this but I’m going to bring Harry and his friends here and you are going to have to explain everything to him. I will help but this is going to help you.”


“How long should Felix Felicis be left to stew?”

“Hermione, I’m never going to remember this!”

“Just try?”


“Give it up already, Hermione. I don’t even know that one.”

“Well you should be studying then, Harry!”

“I did!”

“All three of you. Shut it!” shouted Ginny. The last four months have been filled with quills scribbling, piles of papers, and friends screaming at each other. Ginny promised to hex a first year until he was her age if he did not shut his trap. Even Hermione was losing her chill. Tempers were high. Every seventh year in the school were studying for the biggest exam of their lives, N.E.W.T.s. With all the stress of studying, everyone had forgotten about Emma. Except Harry. Except Harry... Harry still remembered the blue flames. The black tears. The race up the stairs. And the hooded man. He secretly believed Emma was still lurking in the castle and he was still very cautious wherever he went. He still couldn’t tell if Emma was desperate or truly evil but he knew he did not want to see her anytime soon.

“Come to the Room of Requirement.”

“I swear if that’s Brett again, you’ll have to help me explain the Dumbledore why he went missing” said Ginny.

“Come to the Room of Requirement.”


“Ginny, shush. That’s not Brett,” said Hermione.

“Come to the Room of Requirement.”

“Oh my gosh. That’s Paula!” grinned Ginny.

“Paula?” asked the trio.

“Yeah. When we were holding out in the Room of Requirement, this voice would talk to us and tell us if it was safe to come out or not. We named her Paula. She’s the best!” exclaimed Ginny.

“Come to the Room of Requirement.”

“Although, she can be a bit repetitive.”

“Well I guess we better go,” suggested Ron. The group left their burden of papers behind and walked off to the room.


“I am so sorry” cried Emma. She could barely speak and her voice was shaking like mad. “I was so stupid! She’s my only family I have left and...and… I never get to see h-her and Death was so manipulative and I-I thought the only way to fix this was t-to bring you to him and now I only have a couple hours before her and Mrs. Hollis are gone forever and I don’t know what to do because Remi can’t answer these type of questions and you guys want to k-kill me and… I’m the worst person ever!” blurted Emma. She almost started to burst into flames again.

“Slow down, Emma. It’s okay. I forgive. We all forgive you, right?” asked Hermione.


“Emma has been hiding in here for four months now,” informed Remi/Paula.

“Geesh, kid! We didn’t hate you that much!” said Ron. That earned him a kick from Hermione and a grunt of pain.

“Hey,” smiled Ginny as she wrapped an arm around the shaking Emma, “It’s okay. I know what it feels like to be taken control of and it sucks. But now we know that wasn’t you.”

“It’s fine, Emma. And I’m coming with you to the Forbidden Forest.” declared Harry.

“That’s suicide!” shouted everyone. But the group could tell Harry wasn’t changing his mind. Emma wiped her black tears from her face and pointed her finger to the map. It flew into her hands and the group walked to the forest.

End of Part 1/2

*Okay so I know I said there was only going to be one chapter but I felt really bad about the slow update and I’m writing this at 1:00 A.M. and I’m dead tired and hungry and I CANNOT write anymore. Don’t expect me to go off the deep end because I’ll post another update soon after this. Im just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired right now. So anyway yah. See you in the,hopefully, last chapter of Harry Potter Truth or Dare!*

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