Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


5. Chapter 3

“Emma May. What does my name mean?” asked Emma. She had been talking to herself again. Professor McGonagall had taken her back to America after she had finished the Truth and Dare game at Hogwarts. She always hated apparating back home. It made her stomach ride up to her chest. She sat on her fold-out bed, in her tiny bedroom. She lived in a apartment in a poor town, with just her mom, who was never really home. Her father left them when she was very young. Emma was told he was kind and loving. Her mom didn’t understand why he had even left. Her family never had a lot of money, and her mom had to pick up odd jobs on the road. Emma started working when she was seven years old, delivering the papers to everyone in her neighborhood. Emma’s neighborhood’s name was Chiara Place. She loved it their. She knew every alley way, street corner, and road there was. When she was eleven she met a old lady on one of her delivery jobs. She could tell Emma was a witch and taught her everything she knew. That old lady’s name was Ena Hollis. Ena was very great friends with Professor McGonagall for they had worked together on advancements in Transfiguration. Ena was known for her work against He who must not be named, and later when Emma was twelve, You-Know-Who’s death eaters caught up with her and took Ena away. It all happened and Emma, a tiny twelve year-old, had to fight twenty-five death eaters all at once. She still shuttered to think about that day. Ena was still missing and McGonagall took pity on Emma and started to teach her in her spare time. Whenever McGonagall wasn’t around Emma had to go to muggle school and work to pay the bills and to buy food. Her mother had not been sending the usual checks of money from her odd jobs lately.

“I better go get dinner. I can’t do homework on a empty stomach. Gosh, I hate muggle homework.” Emma complained. She walked down stairs and skipped the last step. It always creaked and the stuck-up neighbors complained. She took a TV dinner out of the fridge and put it in the microwave. She set the timer for one minute and sat down on her lumpy couch and turned on the TV.

“The Book Donations for Needy Children will take place in Rachel’s Art Classes at 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.”

“And on a more serious matter, Janet, police still continue to search of the elderly lady, Ena Hollis. She has been missing for almost a year now. Police encourage you to report anything that might help this case. Police say that if no evidence is given soon, they are forced to drop this case. Ena has no living family.”

“Thanks Richard, and now for the weather”

“Ugh. I hate weather.” signed Emma. She hopped up and went to grab dinner. She plopped back onto the coach. She grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

“-And you just put the peppers in the grill-”




“-And Hogwarts just got a news channel for witches and wizards.”

“What?!” asked Emma.

“That’s right! Hogwarts has a Tv channel. Now don't you worry, the muggles wouldn't be able to view it, only muggle parents. Your mum and dad can even watch your Quidditch game! We report the latest gossip happening at Hogwarts. Speaking of that, Remi Wucx has just announced that the Ravenclaw team is looking for a new set of Beaters. If anyone would like to try out, please report to the Quidditch pitch at 9:00 in the morning. Harry Potter is still looking quiet ill since his blackout. He reported to return to his classes in about a week.”


She got up and hoped it was her mother, here to give her money for rent. She opened the worn down door and there stood on the welcome mat was Professor McGonagall.

“Professor McGonagall! What are you doing here!” Emma asked in disbelieve.

“Well, Miss May, it’s about your mother. She has gone missing. Don’t ask any question,” as she raised her hand to shush Emma, “That's all I know. I regret to inform you that you are no longer safe here. I'm afraid that you'll have to come with me. You are moving to Hogwarts and will be sorted into a house. Just like Ena, I'm afraid, someone is after you. While at Hogwarts…” but she didn't get to finish.

“Who's got my mom! I don't want to go to Hogwarts, we need to find her. Last time I heard she was somewhere in New York.” cried Emma.

McGonagall shook her head and replied, “Emma, I know you are upset but please, just take my hand. Professor Dumbledore will explain everything.” Reluctantly, Emma took McGonagall’s hand and they this disapperated. They started to twist and turn, just as Emma had remembered. It made her sick to her stomach. Just as she thought she was going to pass out, they arrived at Hogwarts. They were in headmaster’s office, trinkets buzzing and whizzing around the room.

“Wait a second. How did we just apparate in here. It’s impossible because I read somewhere you can't apparate or disapparate in and out of Hogwarts.”

“I have lifted the enchantment for when I came to fetch you, Miss May. Now please, no more questions.” Emma nodded and grabbed a chair to sit next to Dumbledore’s portrait. McGonagall took her leave and left Emma and Dumbledore alone with the out of control trinkets.

“Where’s my mom!” shouted Emma.

“Settle down, Emma, settle down. I know who has your mother and where they are.”

“Then what are you waiting for! Tell me!”

“That seems to be the problem. I believe that it is not the correct time to tell you anything about your past and future, and especially who has your mother. It may make you become irrational.” replied Dumbledore.

“LISTEN! I’VE JUST BEEN ON MY OWN FOR THREE MONTHS, HAVING TO PAY RENT AND BUY FOOD TO EVEN SURVIVE! MY MOM HAS BEEN MISSING AND UNRESPONSIVE FOR WEEKS! THE LEAST YOU CAN TELL ME IS WHO HAS HER SO I CAN…” but Emma didn't even know what she would do to that person. She could feel tears swell up in her eyes and her vision became blurry. She quickly wiped them away, still very upset. Dumbledore just stared back her, listening.

“Sometimes it’s a good thing to get angry. It releases all of that anger from your body. It’s like having a tons of weight lifted of your shoulders.” replied Dumbledore. “Why don't you go down to the Great Hall for some dinner. I’ll call you back up here and we will discuss our dilemma with a full stomach.” Emma didn't really want to but she got up and walked from the room. Instead of going to dinner she walks up the stairs and comes to an empty hallway. She put her back against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor. I need to know where my mom is, she thought. Almost as if on cue, a door appeared in front of her. Curious, she got up, rubbed her eyes, and walked into the room. It was massive, chairs stacked in hundreds of columns. Junk thrown in piles and books littered the floor. She took a step forward, and a map appeared on a white marble table. The map glowed, almost beckoning her to take it. Emma took the map and unrolled it. She gasped and dropped it on the dirty floor. It had a picture of a strange place that Emma had never seen before and her mother tied up to a rotting wooden pole. A hooded man sat in a black bench near Emma’s mom and stared straight back at her. Emma picked the map back up and the man spoke to her.

“Hello Emma May.” said the man.

“Who are you? Give me back my mother!” demanded Emma.

“I can't tell you that. If you want your mother come and get her. We’ll make a trade.” Before she could scream at him the map went blank. Emma punched it and it bursted into ash. Shocked, she looked at her surroundings and ran out of the room. She ran until she came back to the headmaster’s office. She doubled over, trying to catch her breath and when she was breathing normally, she entered.

“Was the feast good?” questioned picture Dumbledore.

“Fantastic.” lied Emma. Unfortunately, her stomach gave a huge growl and Emma blushed.

“I see. You look a little disoriented? Where did you go?” as if reading her mind.

“Well, I don't really know. A door just opened and I walked inside…. had a look around and left.” lied Emma. She didn't really want to share what happened with the map with a painting.

“You just entered The Room of Requirement. It opens to help and assist the user. Now I think it is time you were sorted. Can you well, grab it. She got a old hat, sat in a chair, and placed it on her head.

“Hmmm. This one has qualities for all four houses. Brave for Gryffindor, Kind for Hufflepuff, Intelligent for Ravenclaw, and Ambitious for Slytherin. Oh but what is this, a special ability to raise the dead. Someone wouldn't be happy about that. Oh, but he already found out and has taken action. Hmmm. Well, girl, good luck with that. I would say, Gryffindor. Emma took off the hat, placed it on the desk and turned back to Dumbledore.

“Well good night, Emma. Please do go down to the Great Hall. They will be starting Truth or Dare soon”

“Alright, I guess.” As Emma walked to the Great Hall she was trying to make sense of what the hat had said. ‘Someone wouldn't be happy about that’ what was that about. Before she could ponder more, she arrived.

“Hear she is.” said McGonagall. Emma swooped her pinky finger and everyone appeared. An owl flew in and dropped a letter in Emma’s hand. She stared down and read it.

“Umm. I’m kinda confused on this on. It’s from a person named ~Zella~ and they want one of the boys to dress in...drag?” McGonagall walks over and whispers what that is. “Oh. Okay, umm. See, umm. Who wants to?” she says kinda awkwardly. No one raised their hand. Just when it looked like Emma was about to choose, Peeves flew in.

“Perfect!” yelled Ron, “Have Peeves do it!”

“Have Peeves do what, Wheezy?” Seeing Emma was uncomfortable, McGonagall waved her wand and Peeves had a blonde wig, tons of makeup, and a hot pink dress.

“Get this off! Get this off!” screamed Peeves. He finally gave up and flew out of the room.

“~Zella~ also wants to know what Dumbledore regrets most in his life.” said Emma.

“Well.” started Dumbledore “I would say not loving my brother and sister and choosing power over family.”

“Okay.” A second owl flew in and dropped another letter.

“This one is from Bella riddle. It reads, Have Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy do whatever Dobby wants them to do. Emma swooped her pinky and Dobby appears outside the hall.

Dobby walks in the room. “May Dobby join the game? Dobby much would like to do this dare, Miss May.”

“Go ahead.” replied Emma. Dobby then proceeded to make the Malfoys punish themselves, knit him socks, and cook him food.

“And the last one is for Ginny still from Bella riddle. ‘Do you think Harry is self-centered and if not explain.”

“No! Harry isn't self-centered.” Ginny said quickly. “Oh” she blushed, “Well, um, he isn't because, he never wanted his fame and, um, and risked his life to save all of us.” Ginny said still blushing.

“Thanks Ginny.” said Harry, who looked just as red as Ginny.

“Thanks for coming.” said Emma, and she swooped her finger and they disappeared. She was about the walk out but Harry stopped her.

“May I have a word?”

“Sure, I guess.” They waited until everyone left and Harry started to talk.

“Look. It isn't your fault that you, umm, did that ‘thing’ last time we talked. I know you are beating yourself up about it. But I’m fine. Anything bothering you? I heard that you were sorted into Gryffindor.”

“Ok. Well, yes there is something that is bothering me.” She then told Harry all about her mother, the map, and the man.

“I don't know anything about this man but I’ll ask my friend, Hermione. She might know. See you later.”

Emma walked to the common room go in her new bed, head still swimming about how was she going to save her mother.

Thank you ~Zella~ and Bella riddle for the awesome truths and dares. Now if you are reading Shay Hogwarts, and you see a character named Emma May, IT ISN’T THE SAME ONE AS THIS EMMA. I made her up and use that name for a lot of my stories. Totally a different Emma. See you in the next chapter…….

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