Harry Potter Truth or Dare!

Emma May isn't a normal girl. She has powers. Wonder powers. But, they come with a cost. Follow your favorite Harry Potter characters as they play truth or dare with a mysterious American witch, Emma May, and try to figure out her secret in the process.


4. Chapter 2

Harry woke with a start. He had been dreaming about that girl again. Ever since he had seen her burst into blue flames, he hadn’t been the same. It was the same thing over and over, just her collapsing and the blue flames. He started to wonder what it meant. He didn’t dare tell Hermione, fearing she would scold, “I told you this program was trouble!” Emma had told them the next day she would be back but it had been three weeks.

“Where do you think she wandered off to?” questioned Ron.

“No idea.” replied Harry. He was even scared to tell Ron, though he didn’t have a clue why. It was just the idea of those flames, it scared him. He didn’t have the slightest reason why either which scared him most of all. It didn’t help that he had a ton of homework and stress to deal with too. Hermione has convinced Ron and Harry to completed their education. Neville had stayed behind to learn how teach Herbology from Professor Sprout. He had told them that he decided to become a teacher at Hogwarts.

“Will we have to call you sir, Professor Longbottom?” joked Ron.

“Watch your tone, Weasley, or I’ll have to subtract points from your house.” playfully replied Neville. He had a Charms essay that had to be three feet long. He also had to practice Transfiguration and Potions.

“We better go down to The Great Hall for breakfast. I’m starving.” said Ron. So Harry and Ron stumbled down to breakfast. They both had been up late into the nights two times in a row, studying and had even fallen asleep in there pancakes once. Hermione, Luna, and Ginny greeted them. They all ate in silence, with only one’s thoughts, which wasn’t very good for Harry. His mind wandered back to the subject of the flames… He wondered, Why did she collapse? How come she didn’t know why it happened? She should know. Maybe she is trying to keep something from us? But why? Harry’s quiet debate was interrupted by a the loud, obnoxious, ringing of the bell. Didn’t it know it had just interrupted my thoughts!? Harry thought. That’s it. I’m losing it. It must be all the studying and homework. Yes, that’s all. I just need to sleep. he thought as he made his way to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Why do we even need to do this anyway!” complained Ron, “I mean come on! Harry already killed Voldemort!”

“True but Ron, stuff still out there. Monsters. Maybe some Death Eater but I doubt that. And, things that can control you Ron. Believe me, I haven’t forgotten.” explained Ginny. They walked in and Professor Amandor welcomed them. They just reviewed simple spells today. Defense Against the Dark Arts wasn’t the same ever since Voldemort was gone. Next was, double Herbology with the Ravenclaws. Neville was teaching today.

“Okay, so today we be reviewing about Devil’s Snare. Can anyone tell me what it is?” Hermione, like always, raised her hand.

“Devil's Snare is a plant with the magical ability to constrict or strangle anything in its surrounding environment or something that happens to touch it. Struggling or resistance to Devil's Snare will cause the plant to exert a greater force of constriction.”

“Exactly. Ten points to Gryffindor. Right, we will be practicing how to control it. Does anyone know? Yes, Luna?

“Devil's Snare prefers a dark, damp environment. It will stop its movement in the environment in front of bright light and will recoil away from the heat of fire, so a well-placed flame spell such as bluebell flames will drive it away from its victims.”

“Very good. Ten points to Ravenclaw.”

“Hey Hermione, guess we are going to need fire. Have you got your wood?” teased Ron.

“Shut up. What’s wrong Harry?” asked Hermione. Harry couldn’t move with fear. The words “bluebell flames” had triggered something and he was is complete panic. He felt like everything was fogging up in front of him, like that time in the Chamber of Secrets.

“Harry. What’s wrong?” asked Ginny. She had a trace of concern in her voice. He couldn’t answer. “We better take him to the hospital wing.” said Ginny to Ron, Hermione, and Luna.

“No. I’m fine. Really.” said Harry as he tried to convinced Ginny.

“I can tell you’re lying, Harry. Come on.” said Ginny. The four of them brought Harry to the hospital wing. As soon as he got there, Professor McGonagall arrived.

“What are you doing here, Professor?” asked Harry. But she didn’t answer. She disapparated and came back as soon as she had left. With her was Emma.

“What’s wrong!” she asked. They explained and the worry creeping across her face grew more. “Oh no.” she said.

“What’s happening?” asked Harry.

“It’s-It’s-my-oh why did i ever-it doesn’t matter. I can save you.” she stuttered.

“What….” but he didn’t get to finish. Emma had placed her hand on his chest and mutter something in a different language. He didn’t feel any different.

“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.” panicked Emma.

“For the last time what is it!?” asked Harry.

“I-I can’t tell you. I j-just c-can’t”

Then, everything went black….


It was almost dinner time when Harry came too. Emma had been taken to Professor McGonagall’s office so she could settle down. Harry was told she had started shaking and erupted into those same blue flames again. He was very glad he hadn’t been conscious when that happened. He walked down to dinner, ate, and waited for everyone to clear out.

“Everyone who signed up for the Truth or Dare, please stay where you are.” informed Professor McGonagall. The hall roared with “ugh”. Finally, when everyone had eaten there full, it was ready to start. Emma came in, but she didn’t look herself.

“I need to talk to Harry before we start.” she whimpered. Emma and Harry walked out of the hall. “Look, Harry, what went on back there, I’m-I’m..” but she could get the words out. She started to cry. But they weren’t normal tear, oh no. They were black, black as the night sky on a eerie evening.

“Emma!” Harry screamed, “Emma! What’s happening! I’ll get help!” Harry totally forgot about how utterly scared he was of this girl. All that mattered that he got help. She couldn’t...but Harry didn’t even know what she couldn’t even do. Emma shuddered and fell to the floor. Her eyes were red.

“Harry Potter. You have evaded me for far too long. Many times you have escaped my grasps. You have his under my cloak for far too many years. I know you are scared of this girl but this puny girl has far more power than you will ever possess. She has the power to resist me. But soon, yes, soon she will perish. And you will join her. Yes. I’ll be waiting, Harry James Potter. I’ll be waiting. Emma collapsed and and gasped for air. Her eyes were back to their same state, always changing.

“Are you alright?” asked a concern Harry.

“I’m-I’m f-fine. T-Thanks.” replied Emma.

“Your eyes they were red. You-You were.” stammered Harry. Harry thought she was Voldemort at first but know he wasn’t sure. Emma nodded but Harry thought she was probably to weak to be questioned. They returned to the hall.

“Okay, I guess we’ll get started.” She swooped her pinky finger and everyone appeared.

“This is from Beautifully Saiyan Panda, “Truth: Hagrid, if you could have any other creature in the world besides a dragon, what would it be?””

“I’d would have ‘eh Graphorn.” replied Hagrid.

“Okay and the last one is from Asteria Grace Wordsmith,”Truth for Dumbledore: So you’re gay… Which of the male tracers did you “like” the most?””

“I’d say, Horace Slughorn.” replied Dumbledore. Slughorn blushed.

“Okay thanks for coming I guess.” sheepishly said Emma. She made the same motion and they disappeared. She seemed like she wanted to shrink into a corner. McGonagall took her hand and disapparated. Harry walked to his dorm room. He got into bed. He wondered What’s with her red eyes. Who was waiting for him. What did they want? And, why did they want him?.....

Thanks to Beautifully Saiyan Panda and Asteria Grace Wordsmith the awesome truths for this chapter. Sorry I didn’t write in a while but I had a ton homework and I’ve been really stressed. Writing helps my stress so I’ll try to write more if I have the time. As for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, I made her up for the chapter. Probably will be doing that a lot. As for the actually book, it’s not a regular Truth or Dare book, I’ll tell you that. I hope you find that my book might stand out more than the rest of them if I’m lucky. Keep writing those Truth and Dares! See you in the next chapter…….

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